New Delhi: Pakistan’s growing consternation about the plight of Kashmiri people at the hands of the Indian army and its vehement criticism towards India’s actions in the Valley was mirrored on Saturday when residents of Gilgit-Balchistan protested against the rigged elections and the false promises made to them by the Pakistani government.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier warned Pakistan not to meddle in India’s affairs lest their own skeletons in the closet should be exposed. Imminently, a vast group of activists from Balochistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir thanked Modi for raising the Balochistan issue.

“We can’t solve the Kashmir conflict through Pakistan’s bogus elections. Pakistan’s assembly is packed with looters, liars and corrupt people,” said one protester, who profusely criticised the government for its heavy-handed relationship with the people. “They are the biggest road-block to democracy.”

In places like Balochistan, Gilgit-Balchistan where alleged atrocities by the Pakistani army go unaccounted for, Human Rights activists are shunned and media coverage is repelled by the Pakistani government. There have been over 500 cases of enforced disappearance where some are believed to have been killed by the very institution which has sworn to protect them.

With many prominent Indian politicians turning the heat on Pakistan, the plight of the Balochi inhabitants are deteriorating under intense army vigilance in the Valley.

Talking to NewsX, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, President of Balochistan Republic Party, said that Pakistan had no right to raise the Kashmir issue when it held no concern about the people inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

“Enough is enough. They cannot use us just to get oil and gas and then abandon us when we talk about our rights,” said the scion of Akbar Bukti, whose party has been designated a terrorist orghanisation tag by the Pakistani government. “There is no local media or no international allowed in Balochistan. Army operations are carried out when people ask about their rights in the region,” said Bugti.

Since the encounter of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani, Kashmir Valley has erupted into protests which have been largely quelled by the use of pellet guns, a move criticised by many across the world. Pakistan, while bringing up the issue with India many a times, has maintained silence over the atrocities being practiced in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

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