New Delhi: Despite Pakistan celebrating its Independence Day on 14 August, residents of Balochistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) are adamant not to celebrate the occasion.

Speaking to NewsX about the plight of Balochis residing in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, a Baloch Rights Activist said on Sunday that the Baloch protesters do not consider 14 August as Independence Day. “People are protesting against Pak’s 14 August so-called Independence Day because we Baloch people do not consider 14 August as our Independence Day. It is perhaps a Black Day for us,” said the activist.

Another activist Hooran Baloch said that she was thankful to PM Modi who spoke against Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan and the people living in the region.

Baloch protesters on Sunday set the Pakistani flag on fire to protest against the rigged elections that had earlier taken place and the unaccounted for atrocities practiced by Pakistani army in the region.

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