New Delhi: Maharashtra police investigating the disappearance of 49-year-old Mangal Jedhe had a startling discovery on Saturday when they found out that the man behind Jedhe’s disappearance had killed 6 other people.

When police took Doctor Santosh Pol, known as Dr Death, for interrogation, it was revealed to them that Pol had killed four other women except Jedhe, and a man. After exclaiming that he had buried them in his farmhouse, police discovered the bodies.

Mangal Jedhe was travelling from Pune to Satara to meet her daughter when she disappeared all of a sudden. Police conducting the investigation traced Jedhe’s last call to that of Santosh Pol.

Some of the bodies recovered from the farmhouse are identified as people who went missing from 2003.

Police suspect that Pol must be involved in the organ transplant trade, a question which will be answered after intense interrogation.

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