UTTAR PRADESH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi who completes one year of being in power on Tuesday, addressed a large gathering in Mathura today, which is the birthplace of Jan Sangh ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyay. (Also read: What to expect from PM Modi’s rally in Mathura today?)

Here are the highlights of what he said in Mathura:

4:45 PM: PM Narendra Modi addresses mega rally in Mathura

• I have taken bitter pill of land reforms. 

• It is our dream to make India clean. Historic FDI inflows testimony to our success.

• Employment remains the priority for the govt. Tourism has increased after years of lagging.

• No one dreamt of eradicating poverty. Indians are now investing in India. I promise you, we will deliver on our promises.

• Unprecedented decentralization in government. This govt. is for you, of you and by you. 

• Nation can only grow together, not divided. I have promised to reform 1300 rules, simplify law.

• World was marching by, India was being ignored. From policy paralysis to policy action now.

•  I am not privileged, I am one of you. Previous govt’s sat on vital public funds.

• Farmers of my country are my priority.

• We will bring in a new green revolution. Don’t be swayed by propaganda. First we defeated corruption, now it’s time to help farmers

• Employment, cheap credit, agriculture reforms coming soon. We have removed all bottlenecks for farmers

• I had said it in the very beginning that this is a government for the poor and for the welfare of the poor.

• A year ago you made a decision & after 30 years you elected a government with a clear majority. Today that government completes one year

• There is Shree Krishna in every part of this land. Shree Krishna’s message was one- that of Karma Yoga.

• In a small village here Pandit Deendayal was born. His message was – do not get tired, do not stop, do not bend…only keep working.

• Major agriculture reforms are in the pipeline. Opposition is trying to misled the people.

• Land acquisition is also about the poor. Some people are only interested in keeping you poor.

• We have ended decades of corruption. In next five years, we will interlink all rivers.

• It is not only good days, it’s end of bad days. Delhi is now closer to India than before. Poor can directly benefit now.

• Biggest achievement is ending corruption. Critics are jealous of our success. All our efforts are for people of India. 

• We have achieved in one year, what UPA couldn’t in five years. E-auction of coal mines has brought crores.

• In one year, I have been rejuvenated, not tired. This wave of change has only begun.

• Opposition would have run the country into the ground. My govt’s mantra is pro poor, pro farmer.

• I have worked hard for the people. You the people are the source of my strength.

• My govt is dedicated to the poor of the nation. I have no doubt that poor have benefitted in last one year.

• I thank the people for their mandate.

4:27 PM: PM Modi at Deen Dayal Dham

• This is a good place to learn the way Panditji led his life and how the lives of the poorest of the poor can be improved.

• Deen Dayal Upadhyay is an inspiration to each one of us

• Political vision of Deen Dayal has shaped our country

• The vision of DD Upadhyay was exemplary. 

• Modi pays homage to DD Upadhyay.


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