New Delhi: Blatant animal cruelty occurred in Hyderabad late on Monday when an unidentified man shot dead three stray dogs in the vicinity of a neighbourhood.

The Tappa Chabutra Police confirmed that they received a call late in the evening of Independence Day from a resident of Sri Alluri Sitarama Raju Colony in Gudimalkapur area exclaiming that someone had fled the scene after shooting dogs.

When asked about what had led to this incident of animal cruelty, neighbours said that the dogs were creating a lot of disturbance by barking at passers-by. “Somebody might’ve shot them in frustration,” one said.

Inspector B Ravinder said, “We rushed to the spot and found the stray dogs lying in a pool of blood. The locals, however, could not identify who the person was.”

Police have sent the bodies of the dogs for an autopsy at a veterinary hospital to look at what kind of weapon was used by the attacker. A case has been booked under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code.

Cruelties against animals, especially dogs, have been extensively covered where stray dogs and pet dogs have been killed by attackers.