New Delhi: Union Minister VK Singh was, on Thursday, accused of imposing “illegal ban under false, baseless and imaginary allegations” by the Army chief Dalbir Singh when he was the head of the Indian army in 2012.

In an affidavit to the Supreme Court, Dalbir Singh alleges that VK Singh victimised him and denied him promotion to the appointment of army commander.

In the affidavit filed by the Dalbir Singh, he mentions, ““False, baseless and imaginary allegations of lapses were levelled against me in the show cause notice” of May 19, 2012 and consequent imposition of an “illegal” discipline and vigilance (DV) ban.”

Between April and May 2012, VK Singh had imposed a DV ban on Dalbir Singh for “failure of command and control” in an operation carried out in Jorhat area of Assam.

However, VK Singh’s imposition of ban was lifted in June by General Vikram Singh who had filled the office after VK Singh’s retirement on May 31, 2012. Vikram Singh lifted Dalbir Singh to the post of commander of the eastern command later.

This affidavit by Dalbir Singh was filed in response after a petition alleging favouritism in Dalbir Singh’s appointment made rounds of the courts.  

VK Singh, regardless of this case, has been a controversial figure in Indian politics. His remark for journalists as “presstitudes” has been caught on social media. In 2012, Singh had approached the Supreme Court to change his birth date which would allow him more time for holding his office.

Yesterday in the news, VK Singh’s wife received a call from a blackmailer alleging that he would release sensitive material on the internet if she did not give him Rs 2 crore. 

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