New Delhi: Udupi district Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker Praveen Poojari, 29, was killed by cow vigilantes when he was caught exporting cattle in his village.

The attackers were the same individuals who earlier had meals at his home and visited his chicken shop in the vicinity of the village.

His friends said that Praveen was beaten with iron rods and other sharpened pieces of iron.

The attackers, belonging to the Hindu right-wing group named Hindu Jagarana Vedike, were arrested by police after the incident. A total of 18 people were arrested.

“These were people known to us. Why did they do this to my son? They must suffer the same way for what they did,” said Poojari’s mother.

Poojari had tried to send cattle to a neighboring place following which he was asked by the group whether he wanted to kill the animals or not. Despite refusing multiple times, the attackers assaulted Poojari.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s censure of cow vigilantes has gone on deaf ears.