Bangalore, better known as the tech-hub of India is now in the news for not so very good reasons. Since the past few weeks Bangalore witnessed bulldozers razing houses to the ground. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) razes the illegal enrichment which is opposed by the residents.
Residents say that they have all necessary permissions before embarking the construction, but the houses built on the storm water drain areas are been demolished.
According to the maps prepared in the 1900s BBMP came up on demolition. In the demolition list there was a part of Pathankot martyr Lt. Col Niranjan’s house as well. However, big builders are not been targeted yet. Therefore, the corrupt-coterie have been unmasked.
Residents of the ‘City of Lakes’ say that they feel cheated as the BBMP remained blind for so many years and now that it is awake, the VIPs are considered above the law. 
Sourav Sanyal of NewsX in ‘BANGALORED! A Tale of Two Cities’, discusses with experts the recent flooding in Silicon Valley and also tries to find out who is actually responsible for this mess in the city? We also discuss how to save the city from crumbling further?

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