New Delhi: A Facebook post of a working woman from Pune with a photo of her unwell child lying on the floor of her office has gone viral for all the right reasons. In the photo, Swati Chitalkar, a bank employee, is seen working at her desk with her feverish child lying on the floor.

The post has already been shared 25,000 times.
Chitalkar captioned the picture as: “Its not a baby on a floor, its my heart on the floor. He was fully fevered not ready to stay with any body. As half day is over I couldn’t take leave in between and a urgent release of loan was there . but I could manage to mind my both the duties. Just want to convey the message to ministers who sleeps in assembly. (sic)”

Through her photo, Chitalkar addressed the politicians of India. Though, her post has a broader perspective, it does not just speak of the few ministers who fall asleep on duty.
“My message isn’t targeted at sleeping ministers in the assembly alone, but also at all those ministers who are sleeping and performing their duties. Please do your planning of the projects keeping in mind the people of our country,” she stated.
A big fan of PM, Chitalkar wants her “superhero” PM Modi to eradicate poverty and make India beggar-free.
“Modi ji you are mother of all of this country. Although these kids on the streets did not vote for you, you are their caretaker, just like I am the mother of my kid and I am doing my best to keep him happy,” she said.
After her post went viral on social media, Swati thanked the people and posted a second message on Facebook, saying, “Dear friends my earlier post which you all shared in number of thousands, was a straight forward message by a common people like me to my Heroes to whom we send in a Assembly. Please don’t change the direction of my message by taking it otherwise. Thank you”.

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