Mumbai: When you see kids waiting for their school buses on the roads, you are immediately reminded of the past when you used to be a student. The school, the morning assembly, the insane fights and the ice cream candies that used to wait for you outside the school gate — all are memories of the past.
Childhood was beautiful!
But today’s school kids are overburdened with responsibilities. They are seen struggling with the heavy bags that they carry on their shoulders and their plight gets unnoticed. 
To narrate their ordeal, two seventh grade Maharashtra students held a press conference in Chandrapur to highlight the ordeal of carrying a load of 6-7 kg on their shoulders every day to attend the school.
Media persons at the local Press Club were astonished when two school kids from local Vidya Niketan School approached them and expressed the desire of holding a press conference on the hardships that they face everyday due to heavy bags.
“We carry a minimum of 16 books for 8 subjects daily and sometimes their number increases to 18 or 20, depending upon the subjects for which the classes would be held for the day. Our school bags weigh between 5 and 7 kg and its exhausting to carry them to our classroom located on the third floor,” the boys, aged around 12 years, told reporters.
“We had given applications to our principal to consider reducing the weight of school bags a couple of times but the same failed to evoke any response,” they claimed.
In some cases, parents help their kids by carrying their bags to the classroom, they said. As per the directives of Bombay High Court, the Maharashtra government had earlier this year issued circular issuing guidelines on reduction of weight of school bags carried by students on the recommendations of a committee.
The boys also offered some solutions to resolve the matter. They suggested that the school authorities make some arrangements for keeping their daily work books in school or reduce the number of periods per day.
“There are 8 periods a day on average for which we have to carry textbooks for each subject along with their respective work books. In addition, few more books also need to be carried, on some of the week days, which prove to be cumbersome,” they said.

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