New Delhi: A day after news spread about the document leak of India’s Scorpene submarine, the Indian Navy took the issue up with the French government. Now a French government source has revealed that the data was stolen, not leaked from French naval contractor DCNS as is being alleged. The French source added that whatever ‘leaked’ data was available online contained only operational details. 
“It is not a leak, it is theft,” the source said. “We have not found any DCNS negligence, but we have identified some dishonesty by an individual.”
It seemed, the source revealed, that the documents had been stolen in 2011 and some disgruntled employee was responsible for the theft. 
Earlier, following the news of the leak of the 22,000-page document, the Indian Navy said the matter had been taken up with the Director General of Armaments of the French government, “expressing concern over this incident and has requested the French government to investigate this incident with urgency and share their findings with the Indian side”.
On Wednesday, The Australian had reported that sensitive data related to India’s Scorpene submarines had been leaked from French shipbuilder DCNS, which designed the submarine, comprising documents over 22,000 pages.
Navy officials on Wednesday downplayed the leak, stating that there was “nothing to get alarmed” about, as the specifications in the documents will not be same as in the submarine to be finally manufactured.