New Delhi: Days after predicting her own death in a chilling mobile video inside a moving train, an Uttar Pradesh woman who predicted her own murder by the hands of her family members has been found dead.    

“My father, my brother want to kill me, that’s why they are taking me back to my village. My life is in danger,” says the distraught girl in the video. Soni also says that if something happens to her, “these people would be responsible”.

“I want to marry Imran,” the girl says in the video-confession.

The video became viral on Tuesday without any information about who had uploaded it on the internet. But by then, Soni, who was 26-years-old, was already dead.

The police, when notified of the chilling confession on the video, went to her village in Hathras in Western Uttar Pradesh and filed FIR against six members of her family, all of whom were missing.

Suspected as a case of honour killing, the girl was taken from Mumbai by her family to their village in UP where she is suspected to have been murdered.

Police have sent the exhumed body for forensic test analysis and are searching for Imran, the man whose name was mentioned in the video.

It is also suspected that someone might’ve recorded the video of Soni and then uploaded it after she was killed.