New Delhi: Here are the complete telephone transcripts of the exchange of conversation between the main accused Indrani Mukerjea, the co-accused Peter Mukerjea and his son Rahul in the sensational Sheena Bora murder case. 
Peter: More to say…Nothing more to say…nothing more to you know…haa…add to this. All I am saying to you
Rahul interrupts (As far as)
Peter: All I am saying to you
Rahul interrupts again (As far as)
Peter again says: All I am saying to you
Rahul (interrupts again): As far as you are concerned what has happened?
Peter: What?
Rahul: As far as you are concerned what is it? Tell me again. Just clarify it
Peter: No…no…what…what…what..wha..wha…what are you saying?
Peter: as far as I am concerned what?
Rahul: Ya what has happened…what has happened to Sheena?
Peter: As far as I am concerned what has happened to Sheena is that she has gone on her own accord somewhere and she doesn’t want to be in touch with anybody right now.
Rahul: Right
Peter: That is my…That is my understanding
Rahul: Ok
Peter: Whether you think…Whether you think that this is completely out of character or whatever…I..i have no way to believe whether it is out of character or not coz I don’t know her as such. I don’t know what her character is.
Rahul: I do, her friends do
Peter: So you do. Alight. You do. She has a character from your point of view. Fair enough. You have…ah…your…your understanding of the situation. I am telling you my understanding. Right. Whatever the situation…whatever the understanding I have. After that…what…what can I say to you? I have nothing more to add.
Rahul: Hmmmm
Peter: My suggestion to you…and it is only a suggestion… advice to you guidance…if that is what it is…leave it alone…she will come back when she wants to come back…if she hasn’t been in touch with anybody and she’s gone off and you know wants to be…wants to be in…wants to be in hiding…She wants to go with somebody…may be she is with somebody…maybe this somebody is an imaginary person…I don’t know and I don’t want to at least. That is her look out. Right. Her choice. Here’s the matter….as I said we got bigger fish fry…you got other things to do…wait till the time is right and she will either come back to you or she will not come back to you. (A car honks in the background). That’s it now…you…you can go turning the whole world upside down. Go right finding out who, where, what, this, that. You might…you might some clues and you might find Sheena. Good. Then what happens after that. You will be…then…you will be satisfied that…haaa…she is okay.
Rahul: Yeah
Peter: Right
Rahul: Exactly
Peter: Ok. Now…After you done your search and you don’t find her because she has covered her trails nicely then what happens? You still…you know…three weeks later…two weeks later…one week later…whatever period of time later…everybody has done all the homework here and still haven’t been able to find her…for whatever reasons…where she’s gone?…what she’s at…What happens?
Rahul: Then Papa
Peter: Where does it…Where does it lead to?
Rahul: See Indrani was the last person to see her. Okay.
Peter: Indrani was. So she was the last person. So Indrani will say that listen I dropped her outside…aaa…aaa…Amarsons (Indrani in the background says who is the last person who she contacted) And then who is the last person she contacted after that. (Indrani prompts again saying ‘Rahul’). She send you a message
Rahul: Ya
Peter: And then she sent…she sent Indrani a message also. (Indrani prompts again ‘Dead of the night may be’) Yes late night on that night. So
Rahul: Tikh hein…She sent. She sent me a message in the morning as well. Actually.
Peter: haa??
Rahul: She sent me a message in the morning and then 45 minutes after that the messages were all very different. (Indrani says something in the background which is not audible)
Rahul: Alright. Anyway
Peter: So…pauses…..
Rahul: If something is happening within that 45 minutes timespan
Peter: Right
Rahul: And we’ve known it. In that morning message she said XX… And then basically no more message from her… And something happened 45 minutes after that I got a message which is completely different and…pauses…and a bit weird. So you see…You see what it is…I mean
Peter: Sorry…I don’t know…you…you coming to Goa or what..(Indrani talks in the background)
Rahul: I don’t know
Peter: Ehhh
Rahul: I don’t know
Peter: What
Rahul: I don’t know yet. I am not sure
Peter: Alright when you are sure decide what you want to do. And you come to Goa, you tell me you want to come here…want to be together…take it overnight…See you…I will do that…Come here…Come and meet everybody…Come and talk…then what you have to say or whatever you want to say you… issues…
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: I have…you know…
Rahul: We can keep it here (goes inaudible with Peter trying to talk as well)
Peter: Let everybody…whoever who meet here too…whoever you talk to…let them tell you what their view is…decide what you want to do after that nah…You are a grown man…you can do whatever. Rahul.
Rahul: Ya
Peter: You don’t need…You don’t need my advice or anybody’s advice to do whatever you want to do. So go ahead and do what you have to do nah.
Rahul: Wha…whaa..whaa…
Peter: That’s what I am saying to you…You want to do that and spend your time doing that…go ahead
Rahul: Doing what?
Peter: Not a problem. Doing whatever you want to do? Whether you want to come to Goa…you don’t want to Goa…You want to stay in Bombay…You want to stay in…you know…go to Dehradun…Next
Rahul: All I want to do is hear from Sheena…I said
Rahul: Hello…Hello (and the phone disconnects)
Peter: Hello
Rahul: Haa
Peter: Ha…we got…we got disconnected.
Rahul: Yeah
Peter: So…you know…(goes inaudible and incoherent)..You want to come to Goa…come to Goa…Come
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: I am more concerned about that right now. I am not concerned this other thing. Because that will..(Rahul says ‘Whatever’) murdering time.
Rahul: Where Sheena is? Sheena’s disappearance. And that’s the only thing I am concerned about. There is nothing I need to clear myself. There is nothing I need to think about (Peter talks in the background: If she had not send you…If she had not send you…Excuse me)
Rahul: (Raises his tone) Papa listen it’s not just me okay. It’s not just me…all of her friends…Right…her Facebook…her internet…her work…they…people from her work have come home looking for her saying that she is very conscientious at work. She has never missed a day in three years. She has never missed a day without informing. Now she’s been gone for more than two, three days and she hasn’t informed anyone. This is why it is out of character. Can you hear what I am saying and take it in.
Peter: I am hearing what you are saying…I am hearing what you are saying…if your…if her work people feel that…then that is absolutely fine…let them go and…let them…let them inform whoever that she’s not come…she’s not come to work. They come looking for her at her home address which is the right thing for them to do. Right?
Rahul: Yeah. Exactly
Peter: She’s not…She’s not been active on Facebook or you know…her BBM (Blackberry Messenger)…I don’t know if she has a Blackberry or not or whatever…but she has not been active on any of those..huh…you know any of those internet things…then she has to be…you know…either it is intentional that she is not doing so and she is just kind off…by herself.
Rahul (interrupts): She was…she was…she was supposed to collect a Blackberry and a dongle from your ex-head of security. What was his name? (Goes inaudible). After she met Indrani the first time she was saying that she can organise a Blackberry for her. I think she had a couple of messages back and forth from this chap. What’s his name, I can’t remember? Sachin or Suhel or something or someone like that. (Indrani is heard saying chuck it)…
Rahul: Hello (Phone apparently gets disconnected)
Peter: Hellooo
Rahul: Hi…hi
Peter: Hi darling
Rahul: Very bad luck
Peter: I know. We are in the (Indrani gets into the conversation makes the talk inaudible)
Peter: There was a bad patch…you know…on the drive back home
Rahul: Oookay
Peter: That’s why it was all bouncing around…the signal and everything.
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: What..what Indrani is saying that Sheena had told her that there is this person by the name of her boss…by the name of Mr Mukerjee at work
Rahul: Yeah…ya ya…Correct
Peter: Right. And that she was going to inform him (Rahul goes hmm in the background) of her decision to resign or whatever
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: okay.
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: Now I don’t know whether she has done that or not.
Rahul: No she obviously hasn’t
Peter: Or whether. Oh she hasn’t. But if you can give him a call and ask him if Sheena has (Indrani prompts saying: contacted him) or made any contact or
Rahul (interrupts): Papa…Papa…they have come to me. It’s not me. They have come here looking for her. She obviously hasn’t. (Peter in the background says: No…no…I know) How can I call him up and ask him suddenly. She hasn’t informed her boss…coz they are looking for her.
Peter: Ya. Well that the thing. No for me… I am just telling you what Indrani has said…that this is the guy who she uses the name…he is the person I will be resigning to. This is the person I will be giving my resignation. But obviously she’s not done that
Rahul: That’s not something she mentioned to me. She was on board…she was on the way to getting promoted…She’s got a placement in Oxford Brookes University in January
Peter (interrupts): No…no… no… no… no…I am saying… this is what she told…this is what she told Indrani.
Rahul: Listen. Listen I am telling you what she has told me now…Okay…She was
Peter: What she told you?
Rahul: Ya what she told me. I’ll tell you that. She…hmm…she had
Peter (interrupts): Shall I put it on a speaker phone?
Rahul: No no. Why? Where is the need?
Peter: No. Only because then Indrani can hear it also. I don’t have to repeat it…the same thing over to Indrani. Right
Rahul: Okay
Peter: About this part of her work…you know… related thing. Just wait
Peter (after putting the phone of speaker mode): Hello
Rahul: Hello
Indrani: Hi Rahul. We can hear you. Tell me?
Rahul: Accha. Now what Sheena has told me with regards to all this (Indrani in the background says ‘Yeah’) is that she had…she has got a place in Oxford Brookes University…but it’s not until January. Clear his throat.
Indrani: Correct
Rahul: And she told me that you Indrani had suggested to her… to look around elsewhere… to look at other different universities also… there are better places to go to
Indrani: Ya
Rahul: Ya. And… And… And her work as far as I know she was doing very very well… She was on her way to getting a promotion…she got rate excellent recently…there is no reason why she would drop her…hmm… a job and disappear without informing anybody…Its just completely (gets inaudible as Indrani starts talking)
Indrani: Yes She did not inform. That’s what I want to ask. Last time what she had told me Rahul that is what now…now…that is exactly what I was telling Peter. I said if she has not informed anybody at work also then it is a bit concerning. Because what she had told me that I don’t know if there is anybody by the name of Mr Mukerjee. Is there anybody by the name of Mr Mukerjee at work?
Rahul: Ya
Indrani: Ya so she said…so I think…you should probably check with him…I don’t know…she said that I am going to inform him that…you know…I am not going to be coming in for work or whatever and will let him know…tomorrow I will let him know…so that was what her conversation with me was… so beyond that I don’t know. So you might want to just check if at all she has informed him, not informed him
Rahul (interrupts even as Indrani goes on): Obviously she hasn’t
Indrani: Call then… it’s a bit of a…you know…then…we can open…whatever we want to do…whether kind of inform…or let it be…or whatever…that we can take a call. Okay. But if she is informed
Rahul (interrupts): We can’t inform. Who can we inform on behalf of her? We cannot inform her bosses anything
Indrani (tone get higher): no no…not inform…no… no… no… no…Rahul…that is not what I am saying. I want you to check whether she has informed Mr Mukerjee or whatever this persons name is…who her boss is…whether she has contacted him…indicated she is coming to work…not coming to work…whatever…just check that…that is because now we are concerned…I am concerned…okay…that is why I am asking you check…I don’t know who this Mr Mukerjee is
Rahul: Hmmm
Indrani: Okay…whether…I don’t know…whether there is a Mr Mukerjee who exists there. Now you are saying there is a Mr Mukerjee. So if there is a Mr Mukerjee…so you just check no…
Rahul: Ya I mean…I…that’s what…like…Indrani if she had informed her boss at work then he would surely have not send people looking for her know
Indrani: No no…just check no…Rahul…why don’t you just check once…till you have not spoken to him you don’t know no…(Peter says something in the background…inaudible) Who is the person ok…was it Mr Mukerjee who came
Rahul: She took one day off..okay
Indrani: Sorry…she took one day off
Rahul: She took one day off…and she hasn’t returned after that
Indrani: On when
Rahul: That’s what the people from Reliance just told me when they were here
Indrani: Ok…did take…so who did she inform…she took a day off
Rahul: She took one day off
Indrani: When
Indrani: So when
Rahul: in the past three days…I am not exactly sure which day it was…but she took one day off and since then she hasn’t returned to work, and it has been three or four days now. So obviously they are concerned.
Indrani: So can you find out who this Mr Mukerjee is…so that we can also contact and find out…if you can find out
Rahul (interrupts): Indrani…I am… you can do that also…you guys know more people than I know. You guys know all of them…
Indrani (interrupts): No no…but do you know…do you know Mr Mukerjee…Do you know Mr Mukerjee at all…who is he whatever…do you know
Rahul (Cuts in): Ya I know…ya I know of him
Indrani: Then we…Peter give him a call and find out that has she informed…has she not…informed whatever…we can do that…toh…so that it gives all of us…we know that if she has informed him…then we know that she is okay…you know resigned and left…okay…otherwise if she has not informed him…that is all I want to know
Rahul: Okay. Well I mean…I don’t think she has because that what they have come her for
Indrani (interrupts): Okay Rahul
Rahul (continues): To find out where she is
Peter: Rahul…who is the…who is the guy that came
Rahul: Ahh….when…just now
Peter: Ya
Rahul: I…I…I am not aware…they were Reliance people
Peter: Ya…do they give you a card or did they have something
Rahul: Ya they had their Reliance Id’s…I don’t remember their names
Peter: you don’t know who they are as in they have not left a name, number…nothing
Rahul: Well No…they said they will be in touch…they said if we can’t locate her I will have to come to the police and we will be in touch. That’s all they said
Peter: Ya they don’t have coming to you if she arrives suddenly arrives and you get in touch with her…you don’t know who to contact right?
Rahul: If what? If what?
Peter: What I am saying is that she suddenly appears and you have to let the Reliance people know that
Rahul (interrupts): Do you Papa…do you…do you remember a year ago…a year ago or some while ago you asked me a question standing outside Marlow I think it was. You said what would happen, how would you feel…what would happen if Sheena just disappeared one day? Do you remember?
Peter: Aaaah?
Rahul: You remember asking me that question?
Peter: I probably…I don’t remember… but ya I could have well have done. Yes
Rahul: Hmmm
Rahul: No surprise. Fine (As Peter continues to speak)
Peter: What if she suddenly disappears in the sense that what if she suddenly decides to…you know…carry on.
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: Right. My question to you is something different. My question to you is where is…haaa…hmmm…who is…if you have know this Mr Mukerjee or if you have ever spoken to him
Rahul (interrupts): I know. I know
Peter: No. Have you spoken to anybody at the work place? Anybody?
Rahul: Ya it just kind of her home. Aren’t they?
Peter: Darling I know you are saying that…but who are they? Who is they? Is there a name so that I can call
Rahul: No. Not really. They gonna do their own investigation and so they probably would have been in touch with you I would have thought, if they can’t locate her
Peter: So you don’t have the name of the person who came!!
Rahul: Nooo…I forgot to take the name. I just told you. I am in a bit of state myself with worry and what not…so I…I didn’t take…take their names…they took my number…they took my name…and they took some other personal details of Sheena’s family members and what not…and they said they are looking… you know…they will try and locate her and if they can’t then will do what they have to do…they will inform the police and then it all goes from there…
Peter: Right. Fair enough. I guess we will…if they are gonna do that we will be able to find out nah…we will be able to locate her somewhere
Rahul: Ya I hope so. This is what I hope so
Peter: No no…that’s what I am saying…if the Reliance guys are working on it then that’s fine…it’s a good thing…if they cant find her or say can find her…then you….(long pause)…I mean…the point is you need to know where Sheena is right
Rahul: I don’t need to know where is okay…I need to know she is okay…
Peter: Fair enough. Understand it. She is okay….she is…she is alright…yaa.
Rahul: Yaa
Peter: So if the Reliance…I am just trying to…you know…ahhh…process this in my head that if Reliance guys have come because she is not shown up at work then clearly the reading in my head is that she has not resigned from. She has not sent a letter
Rahul: Ya
Peter: She is not yet informed them and she has just not showed up at work. Which means that they have got concerned and they waited another day or two and now they have shown up at her home to say where is Sheena.
Rahul: Ya. Correct. Ya
Peter: Right
Rahul: Correct
Peter: They have not come looking where is Sheena, but they have come looking for her…She has not come to work or whatever…Now the thing is…which indicated that she is not in touch with them
Rahul: Ya
Peter: Right
Rahul: That’s what I am saying to you
Peter: And now if they find that….if now they….now they not met her just now…if they…haaa…haaa…then pursue their…you know…investigation and find out where they go look for Sheena
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter (continues): directly by themselves or the police’s help or whatever…Right..
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: then one they find out…in due course…they will find at least something…they will either comeback clueless and say she has disappeared
Rahul: Ya
Peter: Right…without trace…or…that…haaa…you know…
Rahul: Then do you think you care? Then do you think you worry may be? If that’s the case
Peter: If that is the case then of course I will worry where she is
Indrani (chips in): Whatever…I want to find out who this Mr Mukerjee is…now that you are telling me that we have to find out no!!
Peter: I can call Reliance and speak to Mr Mukerjee (Indrani is heard in the background saying ‘ya’) but I don’t have no number nothing. I don’t a have her work number.
Rahul: Ya…neither do i. I have never spoken to him…So…I don’t know
Peter: Did these guys leave a work number…business card or something
Rahul: No…they said. No they didn’t. Otherwise I would tell you. They just said that they will get in touch
Indrani (interrupts again): I am looking for anyone at her work place… anyone at her work place…you know
Rahul: I don’t have anybody’s number. No..
Indrani: Ok. Alright. Anyway let me find out…let me find out because she mentioned this name Mr Mukerjee…she has got a boss called Mr Mukerjee whom she is going to inform about his…you know… so let me just check out who this Mr Mukerjee is and Peter and myself will chat and …you know… she is informed him then we know she is fine no…if she is not informed him then step gap we can fight what we want to do right…
Rahul: We have to… we have to find her
Peter: If she has spoken to Mr Mukerjee or informed him then…Mr Mukerjee…and we will find out when…if at all she has done when she did..(Indrani says ‘Correct’)…and when this communication went to these guys who (Indrani says ‘That’s all’) who came knocking on the door. Do you have her office phone number. (Indrani prompts)
Rahul: No. No. I don’t. I used to talk to her on her mobile no.
Peter: You talk to her on her mobile
Rahul: Yaaa. So its all off now. So I don’t have another office number and all
Peter: Hmmm
Rahul: Ya. You know I cant help in that regard. I don’t know
Peter: Fine
Rahul: Just you know…We got to find wherever she is and see that she is safe
Indrani: Somebody has worked with she knows no…she doesn’t know..(inaudible)
Rahul: People from…People from Reliance came and they said she phoned and she took one day off…no they didn’t say she phoned…they said she just took one day off and she has returned since then…it’s been several days and they are very concerned…its very out of her character…so then taken personal numbers and details of her family from me…and… they gonna…gonna…sort of…start their own investigation
Peter: Did they say which day she took off?
Rahul: Nooo..No…no…no…if it was…they would have…obviously…must have been the first day she was missing presumably right…the first day
Peter: No Rahul…today is Saturday…and the first day that she had
Rahul: What night did she have dinner with Indrani?
Peter: What night? Haaa…would have been the night…haa…which night was it? The dinner…she had dinner with…the evening…
Indrani: She did not have dinner with me yaar…
Rahul: Ok No. No drink…or whatever or jewellery shopping or whatever…what night was it when she met Indrani?
Peter: 25th Indrani went to Kolkata. So it was the 24th night
Rahul: So then she must have taken…she must have…if she did inform she would have taken the following day presumably…having had late night or whatever
Peter: Presumably
Rahul: And then. Since then…she hasn’t been in touch. She works on Saturday as well…huh…so today is a working day for her. So today another day she has been missing.
Peter: Right.
Peter: She would have taken an off on 25th
Rahul: Presumably. I am presuming what would have been the logical thing
Peter: Ya presumably
Indrani: Says something (inaudible)
Peter: No if she has taken one day off and then not
Indrani: Then that’s the thing for him to find out know whether she has taken one day off or..(Inaudible)
Peter: Are you hearing this?
Rahul: No quite did not hear what Indrani was saying but
Peter: What Indrani said was that she wouldn’t have…if she…if…it’s a big if
Rahul: Ya
Peter: If she’s taken 25th off then she would have spoken to somebody either on the 25th morning
Rahul: Ya
Peter: To say that…I am not coming into work today
Rahul: Correct
Peter: Or…
Rahul: It would have been too late in the night before to call and inform so she probably would have done it in the morning
Peter: Ya it would have been too late to call a night before so on the following day if she took that day off then she would have…she would have…taken that day off and she would have called from wherever and she would have called somebody. Now I wouldn’t mind to know who that somebody is…that she informed…that she was taking the day off.
Rahul: Ya. Exactly. Me too. She’s got several bosses you know…the manager…the head of the department and whatever…whoever there is…I don’t know. Sorry
Peter: Ya
Rahul: I don’t know who she would have informed
Peter: So I don’t know…I don’t know really where to start…who to talk to…
Rahul: Hmm
Peter (continues): At Reliance. And which number to call…to say look
Rahul: To say
Peter: What?
Rahul: To say…to say what?
Peter: To say that Sheena took a day off, which day she took the day off, when did she call and who did she speak too on that day…to inform them that she is not coming into work that day. Who she spoke to..Understand…I cannot speak to that person no
Rahul: I don’t know. I can’t help you on that man
Peter: (inaudible)
Rahul: Can I call you back?
Peter: Ok
Rahul: Hello…hello… hi
Indrani: Hello, Rahul…hi…hi. Ok listen two things now. I said I should give you a quick update on two things. One is we managed to find out who this Mukherjee’s name is. Mr Shubodhoy Mukherjee (Sheena’s boss at MMOPL).
Rahul: Ya
Indrani: We also managed to get his telephone number. We have contacted him.
Rahul: Okay
Indrani: and what he said…that apparently on 25th Sheena did inform him that she was going to travel, and not coming to work….She did not specify why she needed a day’s leave…she said ‘I am travelling on some personal matter, or whatever….so I cannot be coming to work whatever.’
Rahul: Okay
Indrani: (as supposedly told by Col. Mukherjee.) No this is something new…way of form. So now I (Col. Mukherjee) have got only two concerns. All my office stuff is lying there, datas, and she has not officially resigned… That all my concern is that all my office stuff is there…wherever she is staying….So I need, you know, an official resignation to take over the payroll and things. Rest of all are your family matters, whatever it is.
But in the meanwhile, because I (Indrani) was also asking him (Col Mukherjee), because now I am getting little bit concerned, because I asked if she has contacted anybody else, and he said that she has not contacted anybody after that. So what I have done, because Papa is sitting here and thinking, what is the best thing to do is… at least what we think… to find out if she cares to contact… She doesn’t have to contact us. We need to know where she is. Where ever she is… at least find out where she is. That is all. So what we have done is we have in fact talked to Papa’s friend Bharti, who is head of the Crime Branch.
Rahul: Okay
Indrani: We have called him just now. And he said, ’to write a missing report because we know quite a bit at this stage. If you are interested to find out location whatever, lets find. You give the mobile details.’ So we have given mobile details. He even wanted your number, details. Not going to call you or anything, you know. Basically says, you are the last people she has contacted.
Rahul: Ya
Indrani: because from that they can basically get a sense of location….that if she left Bombay. Because from the phone they can get detail…even if she pulled out the sim they will be able to tell.
Rahul: okay
Indrani: We can see now that if she is Bombay then you know… you know…she is in Bombay or wherever you know…wherever she is in… she was talking about Nagpur. Sheena’s papa told me she told you something else about Nagpur
Rahul: ya
Indrani: Anyways she was not there
Rahul: ya
Indrani: Because I had asked her to come to Goa because I am looking for a property in Goa. I said why don’t you come along to Goa with me for this thing…. So now the next step is going to Mr Bharti…he is going to get back to us by tomorrow. And I also told Mr Shubodhoy that yet she touches anyone then we will see…then of course his concern is only basically official point of view. Okay… But he said ‘I can understand…give me a little bit of background to whatever is… I can see this is a personal thing and I don’t want to get involved in personal thing… I want an official resignation and I want my things back.
Rahul: Okay
Indrani: She is not being in touch with me…ever since… you know late night she sent me a message that was the last thing. You know… I have no idea she is really not the kind of be in touch, and I gave the background… I said look in fact the boy (referring to Rahul) has called us and you know now we are also beginning to get concerned because why should be someone…you know…not be touch with no man. In fact in between called up Mekhail also in the morning. So he absolutely did not know. You know.. I did not want to alarm or anything….She has not been in touch with us…last you know whatever…
Rahul: ya
Indrani: One month, two month, which is true, I mean that is a fact that she is not been in touch with… you know… them (referring to Mekhail and grandparents in Guwahati) at all. So there is no way she is going to… you know… contact them. So that is now even a blame. So anyways let us… you know… wait to hear what we…you know… the baat (the talk) from them. But in the meantime..
Rahul: but if you guys get to find out where she. (I) Did not because she is, you know, no result is found.
Indrani: Exactly, ya exactly what we want to know. That you ok. She is somewhere… you know… where she is…. Anyways let’s see. Do you want to speak to Papa. Quickly… one second
Peter: Hi Rahul
Rahul: Hello
Peter: Hi
Rahul: Hi
Peter: Do you hear I will sort this thing….We have spoken to someone on call, even Bharti who is head of Mumbai crime branch, he is a senior police officer. He is known to me very well for long time. We called them and he just asked her number. Then we gave him your number and Sheena’s number.
Rahul: Which number did you have given to him. Her number is switched off and new number is
Peter: New number we don’t have, we don’t have a new number
Rahul: Okay
Peter: So we have given the last number that Indrani had. Indrani had her new number. And we had given the number that was switched off as well.
Rahul: ya ya
Peter: We have given the Idea number so we can track them from last and most recent activity of that phone number and find out where the soul is
Rahul: ya
Peter We can do actually it.. latest technology.
Rahul: ok
Peter: So we are concerned, and you are concerned now.
Rahul: You know why I am concerned
Peter: I do understand…no no… I do understand… But you know I am giving you the understanding that I have at that point in time okay. If my understanding changes I am sharing it with you.
Rahul: Okay
Peter: You know what I’m saying. When I said to you listen, I am assured that she is fine, at that point of time I am not lying to you, I am telling you I assure you that she is fine. But when I start to feel uncomfortable the most, you know may be there is more to this them I am sharing that with you too, saying yes, I am little bit more concerned than I was this time yesterday. So I am, that’s why I am talking about both, Indrani and me both, right. We have spoken to…just now
Rahul: okay
Peter: I mean I have spoken to Mr Mukherjee. Found his number got in touch with him. Right
Rahul: Okay
Peter: She (Sheena) has spoken to him or contacted him apparently on the 25th
Rahul: Okay Okay
Peter: Right, but after 25th she has not made any further contact
Rahul: Okay
Peter: Right. Secondly in that… with her office people she did not specify apparently how many days she just said will she needs to travel for some personal work and she said out of town
Rahul: Ok. You found this out on the 25th ?
Peter: I found this out just now after speaking to Mr Mukherjee
Rahul: When did you speak to Mr Mukherjee
Peter: Indrani spoke to Mr Mukherjee just now after she got his name…just now
Rahul: Okay
Peter: After I spoke to you….After I spoke to you… Then she called Mr Mukerjee we found out his mobile number, we got his email Id now, we have spoken to him. Explained to him the background, and he has confirmed that she has spoken to him or she has communicated with him that she’s not coming to work on the 25th morning.
Rahul: Okay
Peter: But in that communication it has not been stated that she has not said one day, two days, four days or week…Whatever.. She’s not specified the time.
Rahul: Okay
Peter: Understand…And that is happened just now in the last half an hour
Rahul: Okay
Peter: then in the last half an hour to Mr Mukerjee
Rahul: ya
Peter: Then Mr Bharti…probably spoke to in the last 10 minutes
Rahul: Ok
Peter: As soon as he disconnected, we called you
Rahul: Okay. Hopefully she will turn up know.
Peter: I don’t know if she will turn up or something will turn up with regard to where she is or what her recent activity from her phone is
Rahul: Hmmm. But the phone has been off the whole day since that morning…its been off.
Peter: Darling. But I don’t know what technology these guys use.
Peter: What information and how the police operates. What level of detail they can access on the phone and it is for them to know nah…they do all these things when they track people who are terrorists and god knows what.
Rahul: Hmmm
Peter: Right
Rahul: Ya
Peter: They know how to track phone lines and phone messages…and find out what is the most recent activity. So I guess let him do his homework now… he’s got…he has been informed…he is a friend…he is doing it as a friend…and he said he is gonna get back to us…you know…in the next day or so.
Rahul: Ok. Cool
Indrani: Hello. Hi Rahul.
Rahul: Hello..hi..hi
Indrani: Yaa…ya…ya…hi…hi…In fact when we spoke to Mr Shubhodoy also just to let you know…because…you know…I mean…I said…look…if she contacts me I will immediately kind off…but she is not been in touch with me ok…that is…but she if contacts me we will tell her obviously to put in a formal resignation this that…but in the meanwhile I said you know what we might do…my husband and myself…you know…we will discuss and we will probably put in a missing report or whatever…you know…in case she doesn’t contact. So he said you wait for 24 hours because lets chat tomorrow in 24 hours. He said that is your personal matter whatever you all want to do is your personal matter. Wait for 24 hours…if she contacts..
Rahul (interrupts): Wait for another 24 hours, I suppose. I mean how long has it been now Indrani. Its been four days almost…where there has been no contact with her. So why would we wait for another 24 hours
Indrani: Ya…Ya…but we have already…I don’t want to wait that’s why we didn’t wait…even we don’t have to listen to him know…
Rahul: Ya…ya
Indrani: We didn’t wait at all…we immediately contacted. We haven’t told you we have contacted. I am just sharing this with you. Because what we did is the moment we disconnected, me and Peter chatted on what is it that we do next…you know…because I also thought of the same thing that why should we wait for 24 hours. If it is going to be found out, let’s find out and then we are all at peace…because slowly slowly…both of us…and now I am also beginning to get concerned
Rahul: Ya obviously.
Indrani: I will tell you that very honestly…till now I was not concerned…you know…ok till morning I said tikh hein (its ok)…I mean she is run away…she is run away…but the fact is…you know now…it has been like you said it’s been four days…at least if someone…I am trying to think off somebody she has contacted…anybody…ok…who she would have touched base with. I don’t know any…I know only two three of her friends you know…you know Pranoy, Sanjana, Pranami…beyond that I don’t know anybody…sometimes she mentions work girls and all. Now I have no idea who this Nagpur fellow is…all we want to know that if there is anything in Nagpur…whatever…is her phone located to Nagpur…has she gone to Nagpur…is she in Nagpur…then okay fair enough…then we let go whatever…you know…then we take a call. Then we don’t have to go around…you know… but at least till we don’t know…I myself didn’t want to wait for 24 hours
Rahul: Obviously…obviously..
Rahul: Its already been sort three four days so would you want to wait for another 24 hours to find out. You are concerned as I am concerned having not heard from her for three four days.
Indrani: Correct
Indrani: So…we have communicated…and in the meanwhile we have started the process…if you suddenly receive a call don’t panic. I mean somebody might just call you to ask you know when was the last time she contacted whatever…whatever… I mean…because she lived with you. So they will call you…okay. So don’t panic. Now we are also getting a bit concerned. So that’s the thing.
Rahul: Ya Ya
Indrani: If you have anything you have my number also…if there is any need we will come down to Mumbai…whatever…don’t worry…we have set the ball rolling…we can’t go higher than this…we have informed the head of the crime branch…Probably what we basically want to establish is…now for me here the concern is only that I don’t know who the hell this guy is from Nagpur. Some guy with a Bentley or whatever…I have no clue who he is. Number one. Ok now if
Rahul (interrupts): How many…how many… Indrani…how many Bentley’s are there in Mumbai
Indrani: listen
Rahul: If this guy is with a Bentley…then probably it’s a good way of finding out.
Indrani: Ya Ya…which is…some guy with some Bentley and she refused to kind off you know…which is what the issue was…ok at least tell me who it is what…but she wouldn’t say…so I am beginning to find this whole thing a bit dodgy
Rahul: Ya
Indrani: Now I am putting two and two together…and the only reason she contacted me basically was because she wanted the money…that is the only reason she contacted me.
Rahul: Okay
Indrani: There was no other reason that she wanted to contact me…which you know…I mean now its…you know…its…falling in place
Rahul: Hmmm
Indrani: Anyway so now…all that I want to know is that she is alright and that’s it…beyond that you know…I am not going to kind off…you know…kill myself over this.
Rahul: Hmmm…hmmm..hmmm..hmmm. Excellent. As and when you get to know anything, please let me know.
Indrani: Ya ya.. Of course. Of course. I will let you know…and…haaa…I think we can wait till this guy reverts back to us…and then we will take a call nah..
Rahul: Ok. Ok
INDRANI: I said when we spoke to this HR person, Mr Mukherjee, now he said that she did inform him that she is going out of town or whatever. But there is no formal resignation or anything. She has to come out and formally resign.
RAHUL: Right there’s a procedure to do things otherwise people get worried.
INDRANI: Exactly. Correct. Now you know, that is, it’s beginning to concern me a little bit. But Peter also says that we should wait for 3-4 days but anyway now we are…you know we have already kind of…
RAHUL: Also if you think about it she has been working somewhere for the last few years and she’s been in a relationship for the last few years. Now suddenly she’s gone off with some guy, left her job and also her relationship.  But left her job and not told anybody and is unreachable. Her friends, the person she has been living with her work people don’t know obviously there’s gonna be huge amount of concern.
INDRANI: Nobody knows. That is the concern exactly. I know what you are saying Rahul. My only reason of beginning to get concerned is now that you have told me when Peter was saying you know…I mean he didn’t get a chance to tell me in detail that friends have been trying to contact her on Facebook but she has not responded. See she has consciously not responded is one possibility you know that is possible because who are the people we are going to ask it’s her friends only you know. So that possibility is there and I don’t want to rule out that possibility. At least if we know where she is then she doesn’t need to…and the thing is that she is not in touch with anybody at home. So there is no way of…Right now at this point she is in touch with me and she is with you as a family. She is not in touch with anybody else.
RAHUL: We have to find her somehow bring her back.
INDRANI: Exactly, exactly, exactly. Even if she doesn’t want to come that is all right. I am just thinking what she expects from me. But even if she doesn’t want to come she needs to be in touch with someone to say that I am OK that’s it. I don’t want to see Rahul’s face again that is you know…I don’t want to come back to Bombay I want to live in Nagpur I want to stay wherever that’s all right.
RAHUL: But it has to come from her.
INDRANI: That is what I am saying that she needs to whoever that is that she wants to contact any of her friends whatever that she can do or she wants to contact me or you know…Let’s do one thing. Now we have already got the ball rolling we wanted to just check. See there’s nothing more at this point (inaudible). We have now approached the highest possible person that is available here and we have to give him a little bit of time to you know we have just registered this thing just now OK we have informed just now when we spoke to you. Now post that we have to give a little bit of time to you know to get the things you know…and then we can take a call based on what they have to say…There’s thing also his first reaction was you know if she has informed why then what is the this thing only because she has not been in touch with some one in the last 3 days or whatever. So he said let me try and find out the location where she will be…I don’t know this thing apparently they can find out even if she puts a different sim in her phone they can locate.
RAHUL: It’s done from the phone as well as the sim. Every phone has a phone identification number which you can track.
INDRANI: Yeah yeah yeah so he said let me at least so I will get a sense of this thing so I know where the phone is then we will know she is in that location. So at least the location gets identified one is to look for her one is to know where she is she might be in Bombay she might be in Nagpur we don’t know where she is.
RAHUL: We need to know where she is. We need to know she is OK. We need to speak to her we need to hear from her. She needs to…
INDRANI: Correct correct.
RAHUL: I can’t believe Sheena has gone and done this without…in this manner. It is so unlike her.
INDRANI: No no neither do I honestly Rahul. Honestly in between you and me I found it very very odd when she contacted me. I’ll tell you that. And Peter you know he has not been a party to conversations but he has been hearing the conversation that’s been going on…for me it was more like if she wants to move on and where she is happy or whatever fine. From Peter’s scheme of things he always held that listen she is not coming out with the full truth. I hope it’s not just another you know to take money which exactly what it was it’s turned out to be that now. Cause post the moment she took the money she has not contacted me at all.
RAHUL: Now we need to wait and see…
INDRANI: Yeah I think that’s the better thing to do let’s you know…Right now there’s nothing physically you and I could do. I mean we have informed the cops now let them start the process which I am sure they have. They will tell us what to do. They will tell us look this is what we need to do we need to file a you know this thing complaint…
RAHUL: It’s possible she is being held against her will in Nagpur we don’t know.
INDRANI: Correct correct. Let me call you back.
RAHUL MUKHERJEA- PETER MUKHERJEA IN THE CONVO *Peter complaints why didn’t Rahul tell him that he was going to the Reliance office (Sheena’s workplace) and that Indrani learnt about it from some staff there.*
RAHUL: Hello…
PETER: Hello..hello..
PETER: Hi. Where are you?
RAHUL: I am here only…(speech not clear)
PETER: No..I was..I get..No..are yo being straight with me on everything?
RAHUL: Umhm..Like what?
PETER: Like, Indrani was talking to Mr. Mukherjea just now..again, second time..right? First time, I told about the fisrt conversation? We called him again just now, and I was overhearing the conversation..and he told me that..not me, he told Indrani know, that Rahul was there in the office.
RAHUL: Just now.
PETER: Yeah.
RAHUL: Yeah. Just now. It was just now.
PETER: (interrupting) By now, I mean..some point..
RAHUL: No, no. It was just now. You know, when you..when Indrani was talking to him the first time?
PETER: Yes, when Indrani was talking to him for the first time…?
RAHUL: We were sitting in the office, waiting for him.
PETER: You were in the office waiting for him?
RAHUL: Yeah. We had just..
PETER (interrupting): Why didn’t you tell me that? (RAHUL TRYING TO ANSWER) Why didn’t you tell me that?
RAHUL: When? When have I spoken to you?
PETER: No, why didn’t you tell me that? When I had asked you that have you got Sheena’s office number? Do you have a name or somebody I can call…
RAHUL: After, you know when I said..(PETER SPEAKING IN THE BACKGROUND) Papa, know when I said ‘Can I call you back?’
PETER: What?
RAHUL: You know when I said let me call you back, and I didn’t call you for sometime?
PETER: Yeah.
RAHUL: That was the last you spoke to me, just recently? I said let me call you back because there was a call on my phone, right. It was the people from Reliance, the people who had come home, right?
PETER: Yeah.
RAHUL: And she, the woman who was there, she said, ‘Rahul can you come into the office just now?’So I said, fine, alright. I’ll come in straight away. Then I was there. And by the time I was there, Indrani apparently was probably already talking to this one, Mr. Mukherjea.
PETER: Right.
RAHUL: So I haven’t spoken to you till now, since then.
PETER: But you should have told me that I was on my way to the office.
PETER: No, no. You should have told me that you’re on your way to the office and then you know, you are sitting there, waiting for Mr. Mukherjea.
RAHUL: What difference does it make?
PETER: Darling, it makes a difference. Because I am under..I am working under some..and you said I have no idea who to call. I have no number for you to call, no name of any person to call, right? When I spoke to you, you said you didn’t have any numbers, right?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: Then I passed..then we found out from her office people..who’s this person, who’s these people in HR in Reliance and got his name and his number ,etc. and then called him, right?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: At that time, while he was to Indrani, you were outside his office.
RAHUL: Yeah, I was just reaching there…That’s the reason. That is why I hung up with you because there was another call coming through with the same people that came.
PETER: So did spoke to some other..did you get a conversation with any other staff people in the office?
RAHUL: No, I spoke to the boss guy who was sitting there with Mr. Mukherjea.
PETER: What’s his name?
RAHUL: Mr. Mukherjea…And the girl who came to the house to..umm..sort of take work she knows in the first instance..I don’t know what her name was…Hello?
PETER: You should see I am calling you if only things are evolving. I am calling you as things are evolving, as we speak to Mr. Mukherjea, as we speak to Bharti and so on. Right? And now taken call to Mukherjea…
RAHUL (interrupting): Papa, how come there’s more and more info that keeps coming from Indrani when there’s this…(inaudible as Peter starts to speak)
PETER: On what? More and more info coming from Indrani…(Rahul interrupts)
RAHUL: No, the conversation that you just told me you know, we just had..
RAHUL: Now she’s just telling me more than what she knew before and apparently what you knew before…(voices jumble)
PETER: Listen, we just spoke to Mr. Mukherjea and to the previous guy, and second conversation with Mr. Mukherjea again, at the point which he disclosed that Rahul was here in the office at that time, when he was speaking to you. Right?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: So he told Indrani that.
PETER: And I am, I am..Has the boy told you that? So look, if we’re trying to find the source of that, we have to levelled to the know when I was sitting, lying down here in Goa and I am sitting talking to Indrani, I said, I was going through my phonebook, saying you know, has she got any other numbers? If she’s settled down, maybe she’s got any other numbers, etc.
PETER: I go through my phonebook. There are two numbers that I had. I called one number, some guy picked up saying Hello, kaun hai? I said, kon bol rahe hain? He said, kisko chahie. So I said, nahi. Theek hai, galat number hai..Then I put it off. The ealier that I had, the 9833 number..the message came back that this number is now not functioning or something. Right?
PETER: Then I told Indrani that I had this number I don’t know for how long. Then we called you and said do you recognise this number, do you know whose this number… (RAHUL INTERRUPTS)
RAHUL: I don’t, I don’t know. I have never seen this number. The first one I know but..
PETER (interrupting): Fair enough, so that’s the number that I had always had until the message I got. So we chose that number that you also have now..that whatever, that 98 something number..900 number..
RAHUL (interrupts): Has Sheena been safer with me?
PETER (replying to Indrani): How do I know? I don’t know..that must be some years ago.
RAHUL: What? What?
PETER: No, I am talking to..You are at speaker phone, okay?
RAHUL: Okay…
PETER: I am talking to..I don’t have to repeat everything..You know in the repeating process I lose, I forget some detail or miss out some detail and it becomes difficult. So, I am calling you to say that since you are in the Reliance office..
PETER: You should say that listen I am at the Reliance office, I’ll call you back. I am talking to these guys. I am trying to figure out also. They’ve asked me to come in, I’m talking to them. So, I…
RAHUL (interrupts): The Reliance are calling me again, so should I…
PETER (interrupts): They’re calling you again now?
RAHUL: Yeah. So should I take it and then speak to you again?
PETER: Ok you attend the call and then call me back after they’ve spoken to you and you tell me what they’ve said because you know, we need to be on the same page, if we’re going to do this sincerely. You understand?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: So you call me after you…
PETER: So take the call and you call me after that.
RAHUL: Ok. Alright. I’ll call you.
PETER: Ok. Bye.
PETER: Hello.
RAHUL: Hello, han. Tell me. Haan. That was the girl from Reliance. She just said that Indrani has spoken to Mr. Mukherjea again.
RAHUL: And he mentioned that you were here. And I am just letting you know that we will also keep you informed of any more developments, as in when anything turns up.
PETER: Yeah.
PETER: No. So if Reliance is looking out for where Sheena is, tryimg to get the questions together, trying to patch things together, trying to figure out this thing. See, Indrani has told the police guy that, you know, this is Rahul’s number, this is Sheena’s number. He’ll be doing that backcheck on calls, received calls, mails, messages, received messages, sent…blah blah blah
RAHUL: Cool, cool.
PETER: You know, we are all on the same page here.
RAHUL: I really hope so.
PETER: Please believe so.
RAHUL: Okay.
PETER: Otherwise I wouldn’t be calling you every 2 minutes to say listen this the conversation we’ve had, this is the detail of my conversation, this is what it is. We have to..otherwise, you know, if you hold back stuff, for whatever reason, please don’t.
RAHUL: I’ll have to call again.
PETER: Nahi. Please don’t do that because it’ll only work against..against you. It’ll work against this thing…(RAHUL INTERRUPTS)
RAHUL (angrily): No, why am I being pinpointed in for something again, when I haven’t done anything. I haven’t withheld anything from anyone. All I am trying to do is find my bloody fiance, who someone’s picked and moved! And God knows where, and God knows what situation she’s in…!
PETER (trying to speak): Well…
RAHUL (interrupting): You’re picking on me for know, telling you that I’ve been sitting, talking to a bloody boss? Where the hell is she?
PETER: Wh..Where is she? You tell me.
RAHUL: You tell me, man. Indrani now knows she went off with somebody in a Bentley, into Nagpur..
RAHUL: Sheena told..Sheena told me..Sheena told me when I met her, that Indrani had asked her to go to Nagpur with he, just the two of them, have a look at properties. And Sheena said ‘I don’t really want to go with Indrani, beacuse I’ll feel awkward, and I’ll actually rather go with you, Rahul. If it actually turns out to be true, then you take me and we’ll go together.’
PETER (with Indrani inaudible in the background): Fine..listen…
RAHUL (interrupts): Now, now, now see. No, see. Nagpur has come up..Nagpur has come up in two different things..from two different angles.
RAHUL: Somebody knows something about Sheena in Nagpur. Okay?
PETER: Sorry, say it again.
RAHUL: I said somebody know something about Sheena being in Nagpur, and you better bring her back.
PETER: Listen, somebody knows something about Sheena talking about Nagpur.
RAHUL: Being in Nagpur.
PETER: About being in Nagpur, or going to Nagpur or whatever. She is saying to you that Indrani had said to her, ‘Let’s go, see some property together, okay? In Nagpur. Right? And what I’ve heard in the conversation that Indrani had with Sheena… (Indrani speaks in the background)..which is to say that you know.. (Indrani says ‘Goan Property’ in the background) that you come to Goa and she has a property in Goa, okay? Nagpur came as a side, right..which said listen ‘I’ve met some guy with Bentley and this that, who owns a Bentley and this and that, and who lives in Bombay, but he’s got some setup in Nagpur, and come and meet his parents or whatever.’ And Indrani set that with me. I told her, I said, we don’t do anything of that sort. No need for you to go to Nagpur and meet anybody’s parents or anybody of that sort, until she has told Rahul that she is no longer with him. You understand?
PETER: So that has been my stand all along. (INDRANI INAUDIBLE IN THE BACKGROUND ) And this conversation has happened, I’ve told Indrani exactly that. I said, there’s no need to go to Nagpur. Why would you go to Nagpur? Why should you go to Nagpur? If they want to come and meet you, they can find you somewhere. They can come to wherever you are, either in Bombay or Calcutta or in Goa or England, or whatever. If they want to come and meet, that’s a different matter.
RAHUL (interrupts): Why? Papa, why would..Listen for a sec, right? Why would Sheena even mention Nagpur to me if she was planning to meet somebody and go marry somebody else there? Why would she mention Nagpur to me?
RAHUL: She wouldn’t. If she’s so smart, like you’re saying, she wouldn’t do that, right?
PETER: I don’t what she would do, Rahul. I’m saying.. (inaudible as Rahul speaks)
RAHUL: No, no, no. Think about it, think about it.
PETER: I cannot second-guess. I can only work on what is said and what is not said. You understand? What is said is what I can relate back to you. You relate back to me what is said to you. Fine, you said she had told you in Nagpur, Indrani wants to go, see some property, okay?
RAHUL: Hmm..
PETER: Indrani told me that Nagpur in conversation was, with regard to this boy who has a family home in Nagpur, and a family which has got a Bentley-Shentley. And I said I don’t know whether it’s a Bentley and…
RAHUL (interrupts): Okay. That’s what she was..that’s what was important to her, that there’s a family in Nagpur and they have a Bentley, not what what the family do or the name of the people, or anything like that. She wants to marry this guy, but the most important factor is the fact that he’s got a bloody Bentley. Come on, man!
PETER: No, no. Exactly, that was my reaction too. That was my reaction too, saying listen maybe..who knows what Bentley…See, Bentley is not difficult to spot in India. We can find out in 5 minutes who owns a Bentley in this city, in the country, how many people have a Bentley in Bombay, and certainly in Nagpur which is a smaller place.
RAHUL: Exactly.
PETER: So it won’t take 2 minutes to find out who in Nagpur owns a Bentley and how true that fact actually is. Whether it’s a porky pie, completely about a Bentley or..and I know for a fact that there is no property that Indrani has got or even considered in Nagpur. We have rigged in Goa, and we keep coming. We have come to Goa for that purpose. We’ve not gone to Nagpur to look for property. I am in Goa right now.
INDRANI: And last time I was in..Rahul, last time also I was in Goa here. I was with both and that time also, and Peter knows that, Peter was there when I was talking with Sheena, okay? I asked her that I am looking for a property in Goa, would you like to come along? Okay? So that was my only conversation related to property. And in fact right now also, we have cancelled a meeting right now, because we were going to see a property just now, as we are speaking. I cancelled it because right now this thing is completely, obviously bothering me now.
RAHUL: Exactly. I hope so. I mean what, what… (Indrani inaudible as Rahul starts to speak) Okay Indrani, why would Sheena even mention Nagpur to me if she had a plan to runaway there?
INDRANI: I don’t know what your…I’ll tell you very honestly. Rahul, what your relationship is internally with Sheena, I don’t know. All I know is 15 days back she had contacted me. Now I have no idea why she suddenly decided to contact me, what it was..but over a period of time as she started, and she used to me call me 3-4 times a day, okay? Which Peter knows okay, because Peter is there with me in the house all the time. Over this period of time, her continuous discussion..because I don’t have any conversation, with Peter not being there. Peter is there with me every time I have a conversation with Sheena.
PETER (interrupting): Not every time
RAHUL: Not every time..and you can also have dialogue in Assamese, no?
PETER: And you talk in Assamese so I don’t understand. I don’t know where the conversation is going on.
INDRANI: Correct. But not all the time in Assamese it’s not that..
PETER: The conversation has happened between you and Sheena several times in the last two weeks..right?
INDRANI: Correct.
PETER: So now what specific details are discussed, I don’t understand some of the times. But I keep saying, as I’ve been told, I share with you now, which is that she got on Nagpur in a totally different concept to what she…
INDRANI (interrupts): But why would I look for properties in Nagpur of all the places in the world, ya?
PETER: …in a totally different context to what Nagpur came up in conversation with Indrani was that this boy and his family there..Now which of the two is true, I know I can tell you that we have not looked at property in Nagpur at all. While Nagpur is not even in my consideration set…
RAHUL: That’s cool
PETER: Goa clearly is.
RAHUL: Yeah, yeah. Forget Goa, forget Goa, Papa. Why has Nagpur come up in conversation from two different angles?
PETER: Why, well clearly because Nagpur has some..
INDRANI (interrupts): ..angle
PETER: ..some aspect to Nagpur. Right. There’s some aspect. Now if Sheena is called up by Indrani to Nagpur to meet these people and then she’s telling you that Indrani is asking me to come to Nagpur to score property, then the Nagpur angle is coming from Sheena..
RAHUL: And listen, listen to the rest of it. She also told me that she didn’t want to go because she’ll feel awkward and apparently Indrani said to Sheena to not to tell Rahul and not to tell Peter, so you shouldn’t know about it.
PETER: About?
RAHUL: About going to Nagpur to look for property.
PETER:  So clearly, clearly you should deduce from that. Sheena has the Nagpur thing in her head (INDRANI INAUDIBLE) and..and she brought it up in different context to Indrani and she’s brought it a different context to you. Okay?
PETER: Now we are talking about Nagpur. She may, may not be in Nagpur. I don’t know
RAHUL: No but why? I just want to find her because God knows what…
INDRANI (interrupts): …I’ve been talking about this boy in Nagpur, you’re talking about some property in Nagpur. Now Nagpur is just some hogwash. I don’t know about any…This is the first time…
RAHUL: If we can’t find her in the the end of this half’s already half past 5, I’ll have to go and file a proper report in the police station regardless of your…
INDRANI (interrupts): It’s already done.
RAHUL: Yeah, that’s good. That’s good for you guys. The more, the better, you know. Even I’ll do it.
INDRANI: That is what it is. We are not even doing it at a junior level. We are doing it at the top. We are doing it at the headquarters, with the head of the Crime Branch, you know. You can’t..we have to, just ensuring, we have already done it.
RAHUL: Excellent. But I’ll also do it and then we’ll have more. I can tell the world what I know and whatever I think and…
PETER: No, no. If you go and do your, report your this thing, that’s absolutely fine. Yeah, so you do that. You put a, lodge a this thing at your local police station, saying that she is gone, she’s sent this message and she is gone. Last time, this is what has happened. Wait for what reply comes back and respond back saying this was what I found.
PETER: If you’re not happy, not satisfied then we should go and lodge the thing. I’ll come with you. Indrani will come. We will lodge it together. I don’t have a problem with that. (silence) Absolutely no problem with that… (silence) Hello?
RAHUL: Hello?
PETER: Yeah, I think that was a line dropped.
RAHUL: No, no. I’m here.
PETER: No. I thought the line dropped so I said hello. Reasons for calling you just now was that I wished you had shared with me, or shared with us that you had gone to Reliance, that lady at Reliance had called and that you were on your way there or whatever. (INDRANI IN THE BACKGRUOND) What is that lady? What’s her name?
INDRANI: I don’t know. I didn’t catch  her name. She came, called me and said can you come and introduced me to Mr. Mukherjea
PETER: When you got to the office, when you arrived at the Reliance office, who did you ask for?
RAHUL: When I got to the Reliance office?
PETER: Yeah.
RAHUL: I phoned on the number which was on my phone list.
PETER: That number..give me that number.
RAHUL: Why? Why? What do you need the number for?
PETER: No, I need to know, darling. We need to be on the same page. I can give you any number that you’re asking for, that I have. If you’ve gone to Reliance and you’ve spoken to that lady in Reliance, give me the number. I can give you Mr. Mukherjea’s number, it’s not a problem.
RAHUL: Okay, let me just dig it up.
PETER: Yeah.
RAHUL: Hello?
RAHUL: I think I’ve deleted it by mistake just now. So until she calls up again, I’ll.. (PETER SAYS SOMETHING)
PETER: Rahul, what are you doing?
RAHUL: I just, by mistake, you know..What to do? Until she phones again, I can’t give it to you. I don’t have it.
PETER: You can’t give me her number, in Reliance?
RAHUL: No, I don’t have it. You’ve got the boss’s number, no? Speak to him, Colonel Shubhodoy Mukherjea.
PETER: Yeah, we got his name and his thing, yeah. He’s saying to me why has the boy not shared with you that he was here?
RAHUL: I am only speaking to you now, no?
PETER: No, no, no..but since..the time that you were here…
RAHUL (interrupts): He’s told me..
PETER (inaudible)
RAHUL: He’s told me that you go from here and file a missing person’s report.
PETER: Fine.. (TO INDRANI) Did you hear that?…No?…General Mukherjea told Rahul that he should go from there and file a missing person’s report. (TO RAHUL) So, that’s what he said, right?
RAHUL: That’s not what I’ve done yet, but that’s where I’m headed.
PETER: Fine, you should go and do that. And who is this girl? What’s her name? This lady?
RAHUL: I don’t know, Papa. I didn’t ask her name. I’m not in the state to remember all this who’s who and who’s what..I’ve got one concern on my mind and that’s finding out where this girl is.
PETER: Darlimg, we’ll have to find this, we’ll have to go through this. We’ll have to go through the hooves to find the..when we get down to the…
RAHUL (interrupts): These Reliance people will also do their own investigation, no?
PETER: Oh, that they should do. That’s what I’m saying. You’re going to lodge this missing person’s report, Indrani and I are calling Mukherjea twice. We’ve called him, already, twice. We’ve called the Police, Head of Crime Branch. We have communicated it back to you, so on and so forth. And collectively, if we’re working on this thing together, we have to keep communicating with each other, saying this is the latest development, this is what it is, I’ve spoken to so and so, lodged the report, I’ve spoken to this, this is what he that we’re all on the same page.
RAHUL: That’s what we’re doing now, na?
PETER: That is what we’re doing now, that is what I’m saying. This is what has happened in the last two hours, right?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: Because up till then , we had not spoken to anybody. Up until then, we had not spoken to the police guy. Up until then, we had not spoken to the Reliance guy. Up until then, the Reliance people had not come to the house. So, I am not pinning any blame on anyone. I am only sharing with you..That’s a different conversation. I am not pinning anybody. I am not saying that it is your fault, or my fault, or Indrani’s fault. We’re trying to locate Sheena. All of us are trying the same thing, right? And if we’re trying to do the same thing, the least we can do is be..
RAHUL (interrupting): Honest with each other…all of us.
PETER: Honest with each other, on what conversations we’re having and who’s doing what
PETER: So that we can file the missing person’s thing in Bombay. Absolutely right, 2-3 days, your fiancé has vanished, you have no recollection. Please you should do that. From our level, we are from Goa, we are talking to the guy in Bombay. If I was in Bombay, I would have gone and seen him, personally in his office, right? I can’t do that from Goa. I can speak with him on the phone and tell him, listen this is what it is, these are the details. You send him the numbers, so he can do his homework and get back to us. quickly as he can. You, in the meantime have gone to the Reliance guy. Reliance guy has heard, talked to you, whatever. Whatever talks you’ve had with him. As what you’ve shared with us, he’s asked you to file a missing person’s report.
RAHUL: Yeah. He said to me was his interest is in Sheena from a professional perspective. He needs to get her sentence on her work, if it’s been incomplete or unfinished. He needs the information on all that back. He needs to know that whether she’s gonna resign or whether she’s not gonna resign or whether she’s gonna stay there or what. And he need to know that she’s okay…and safe. Those were the things that he said to me.
RAHUL: You know, he said that he’s got a lot of, sort of background, army background and what not…and he’ll do what he can.
PETER: Yeah, so let him do his type of thing. Let him try and locate her. We’re trying to do it, you know, in our set of scheme of things, trying to bring to use whatever network we have this side
INDRANI: …I’d be glad to do this. I have officially filed a report with Deven Bharti, you know. So we need the house address, the details, what time, those details police will find out.
RAHUL: Yeah, we need to apparently find out about this alleged Bentley. Interesting that Nagpur has come up a few times. It can’t be that many Bentleys in India, in Bombay or in Nagpur particularly. So we should find out as quickly as possible
PETER: Darling, we’re trying to find out. We have to say that Sheena’s been in such and such case and she was in Reliance. And we can get her home address because the Reliance guys came to your residence, right?
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: So, we can get the details. We can the get the address from Mukherjea himself.
RAHUL: What do you need her home address for? She’s not at her home, for God’s sake!
Of course, she’s not at home for God’s sake. I know that.
PETER: What is your address?
RAHUL: What?
INDRANI: Your home address, Rahul, where Sheena lived.
RAHUL: Why do you need my home address?
INDRANI: I need the home address because without the home address, one cannot file a police complaint. I would like to file a complaint now with Bharti.
RAHUL: No, no, no. Of course, you can file a police complaint without a home address.
INDRANI: We need to say that this person lives here. This person lives here, works here. They will ask the details, Rahul.
RAHUL: They can take from work.
INDRANI: I don’t know the, Rahul. I can’t say. I don’t know where she lives. To file a complaint, one needs to know where she lives, no?
THE PLOT: Indrani convinces Rahul Sheena has left with some guy named Nishant Khurana who Rahul has never heard of. Peter than tells Rahul life’s funny and such things happen. Rahul is relieved (or at least so he pretends cause he’s anyway recording all this) that all right Sheena is OK but will still wait to hear from her.
INDRANI: Throughout the morning she was apparently talking to somebody called Nishant Khurana. They have identified the number. Nishant Khurana in Delhi. Have you ever heard of this name because I have never. She gave me some story about a Nagpur guy. Now this is a new angle (inaudible) were trying to find out between me and Peter we are also concerned who is this guy she vanished with or wants to run away with…See if you understand she had 40,000 cash with her. Now this guy he is the head of the crime branch he is giving reports as to where the satellites are catching. So she was definitely at the domestic airport at 11 in the morning. That is confirmed. Before she’s had a one hour conversation with a guy called Nishant Khurana so I said I will ask her boyfriend just now if he knows of any Nishant Khurana…
RAHUL: You know I don’t, I don’t.
INDRANI: I am so sorry for screaming at you.
RAHUL: Yeah me too.
INDRANI: Of course they have identified this thing as somewhere in (inaudible) naka Vijaynagar. So she was in Bandra somewhere after that she was at the airport.
RAHUL: So Indrani what it seems. It seems Sheena is lying. Not lying but Sheena has got a plan at least as to what she is doing and she seems to be OK now.
INDRANI: No but at least now we know she has gone somewhere and she is with somebody. We are not feeling like fools sitting here.
RAHUL: Correct, correct. I am also sorry for screaming at you and getting worked up.
INDRANI: Same here sweetheart you don’t know my relief the moment I heard this. It is more that OK she has taken a flight and she has gone somewhere finish. At least we are not…You want to quickly speak to Papa…
RAHUL: Yeah.
PETER: Hello.
RAHUL: Hey hi.
PETER: So there’s a name and some details of this conversation (inaudible)
RAHUL: Yeah she’s all right.
PETER: So that’s the thing. As soon as I hear anything more I will call you right away.
RAHUL: All right OK, cool cool. I can deal with my thing now. Cool cool.
PETER: Sorry?
RAHUL: I said at least I can now deal with my own thing in my head.
PETER: Yeah you can deal with your own thing exactly.
RAHUL: And I am sorry for getting worked up with you.
PETER: Indrani is feeling terribly sorry…Cause you never know who is holding out for whom
RAHUL: Let’s see anyways what happens.
PETER: But you don’t worry about it…
RAHUL: Yeah I am gonna do what I gotta do now man.
PETER: Yeah carry on with your stuff. Plan your life. There’s a big sense of relief.
RAHUL: Now that I have heard of it I am starting to believe these messages must have come from Sheena herself. If that’s the case then in a month 3 month’s time I will get some closure finally.
PETER: Yeah exactly.
PETER: Yeah things, it happens. I was telling you the other day. World is a funny place.
RAHUL: Yeah funny ha ha ha
PETER: Not funny ha ha ha it’s funny as in unusual, different and these are things that happen yaar. These are things that happen in life.
RAHUL: I still don’t know whether they are in a relationship or it’s a friendship so I don’t know so I am not totally gonna close the entire thing.
PETER: If she is talking to somebody for an hour and you don’t know who that guy is then you gotta believe something is happening.
RAHUL: No no not necessarily. You talk to friends and it’s like…
PETER: You don’t know who that friend is that’s the point.
RAHUL: Perhaps. I am not gonna get into this I am not gonna start thinking about all of that I am still gonna wait to hear from her eventually like you say she wants to stay incommunicado. There will come a time when…
PETER: Exactly there will come a time when…But at least we know (inaudible)
RAHUL: Yeah thank God
PETER: You give yourself some mental rest. Where are you now?
RAHUL: I am in Bandra at the moment.
PETER: Where?
RAHUL: Bandra bandra.
PETER: Oh Bandra OK. Don’t go hungry.
RAHUL: Yeah yeah.
INDRANI: Hello Rahul
RAHUL: Hi hi
INDRANI: Go get some rest I mean that’s the better thing to do…Nothing much to really I mean if she has taken a flight and gone somewhere then there is not much one can do…
RAHUl: I can understand if she wants to move and that she’s finished with me that’s her own thing. I don’t want to do anything anyway. But I just needed to know she was OK. She suddenly disappeared so obviously I am worrying about her here.
INDRANI: You know in fact we also get very worried. In fact I was all right till morning I didn’t think about it because she gave me some Nagpur *** It’s a completely different guy now and there’s no Nagpur. I think we should all have a good night’s sleep now and take some rest and start the morning fresh and what else to do.
RAHUL: Yeah she’s all right. She will be all right I guess.
INDRANI: Yeah yeah she will be all right she will get by. Tomorrow I will inform her office people also. What else to do. Nothing much to do.
RAHUL: All right well you take care. I will speak to you guys.
INDRANI: Yeah you too.
THE PLOT: Peter tries to convince Rahul that he has got a name from the top city cop – that one name is Mr Khurana. Rahul wants phone number of Mr Khurana. Peter says why do you want to verify when I am telling you what I heard. Take my word. I don’t have the number but even if I did I won’t give you. Rahul keeps persisting but then gives up…///
PETER: Where are you?
RAHUL:  I am having dinner at a restaurant.
PETER:  Darling listen quickly. Indrani just told me what you asked her for. The telephone number for Mr Khurana. In fact she called Deven Bharti and he hadn’t picked up the phone but (inaudible) so I said listen please don’t.
RAHUL:  I need to verify. Just give me the first 6 digits. I don’t need the whole number but I need to verify.
PETER: Don’t be stupid Rahul.
RAHUL: Why am I being stupid?
PETER: For God’s sake. I have gone to this point of giving you this information. After this I can’t give you more details on what this chap is. I am not gonna ask him for this. He is doing it for me. He has given me his word. He is a senior…first 6 digits of his number I want to verify. You think I am mad?
RAHUL: What? Hmmm.
PETER: No question of it. Absolutely not.
RAHUL: All right. What am I gonna do? Just keep arguing with you and you keep saying no…
PETER: No it’s not about arguing. Darling I am not arguing just telling you my point of view. I have gone this far to get the details for your sake for our sake but she was secure and she was out of communication…it vindicates our theory…
RAHUL:  This chap papa is known to me through her friend. I haven’t told you that he is known to me through her friend.  So if I can get the number I can verify through her friend if it’s the same chap.
PETER: If it’s a bit of a coincidence…it would be a coincidence for me to pick out that name out of a hat and tell you…
RAHUL: Yeah yeah
PETER: Then? I have no idea I have never hear d of his name before and I give you his name this is what has been told to me and this is what I shared with you…I would not have picked up his name out of a phone book and given it to you right? If you choose not to believe that then you can do whatever you like.
RAHUL: Hmm. All right. I just have to…
PETER: You take my word for it. That’s enough.
RAHUL: Then you know anyway.
PETER: I have been telling you for some time I have given you a name which has been given to me and by the senior most police officer in the city when it comes to crime. He is the head of the crime. So that’s it.
PETER: And why will I make up a name and if I make a name will it be the same name?
RAHUL: It’s not about making up a name. I never said anything about making up a name.
PETER: You told me give me the name what time the call was made and for how long the duration is…which means he has got access to the details of the phone conversation from the service provider. Now for me to go ask him boss give me the number because I need to verify…
PETER: He’ll think I don’t trust him.
RAHUL: As and when you get these details please pass on some of them to me so I could…If it’s over it’s over nobody is gonna touch her…I just wanna know so…If it’s tomorrow if it’s Monday…
PETER: No no. Even if I do get the number darling I don’t want to give you the number.  He may not give us the number. He may give us some details tomorrow but I don’t know what it details it’s gonna be.
RAHUl: Indrani was saying you were going to get all the information.
PETER: No no we’ll get all the information from him with regard to all the calls made…until I get I don’t know what’s in it. I can tell you this. The minute we heard we called you and what we have told you is what we have heard. This is the name given to us. That fellow doesn’t know you doesn’t know Sheena. He won’t give us a name out of the hat you know. You can think whatever you like I am not asking him for the digits.
RAHUL: All right.
Peter- I  came home last night. Had some problem. I am kind of recovering right now.
Rahul- so where are you right now? You are in Goa or Bombay ???
Peter- Am in Goa. My flight is around 4 o clock… so I will be reaching Bombay by 5 I think….
Rahul- what time are you going tomorrow?
Peter- earlier, flight is at 9:15 ….. which means we’ve to be at the airport by 7 o clock… di I seem drunk? I am just lying around, my throat is a bit . . .
Rahul- are you in the swimming pool?
Peter- no, am lying on my bed
Rahul- no, I can hear splashes in the background. . . .
Peter- no, no, I am on my bed…watching TV. . . I wanted to be in the pool but . . . .
Rahul- everything good?
Peter- no, news about the killing… hey, can you hear the news?
Rahul- the disprin you had dint help?
Peter- yeah, the disprin has got it down to normal….. but I have been lazy . . . .
Rahul- so, had talk with robin last night?
Peter- yeah, it felt good. . . .
Rahul- I believe you sent him the same message  . . .
Peter- I haven’t spoken to him since I got here
Rahul- well, he seems alright. Just thinking about what to do next. I think today he’s going to go and talk to him about it.
Peter- it dint happen on Friday?
Rahul- he dint mention. . .
Peter- ok . . .. . what did you say, he dint meet him on Friday?
Rahul- I don’t know, I don’t know . . . you will have to speak to him. don’t want to give you any wrong information.
Peter- ok, I will speak to him.
Rahul- any more information on your crime branch depo?
Peter- no, nothing. . nothing at all. I haven’t heard anything from anybody.
Rahul- really, nothing from the crime branch?
Peter- no, and we haven’t followed that either
Rahul- oh. . . .why not?
Peter- because that was the information not needed to us, just ignored it . . that’s all…
Rahul- anybody can get into this chat right?
Peter- what do you mean ?
Rahul- I mean , I don’t know. . .
Peter- what do you mean anybody ?
Rahul- anybody. . . I mean, can speak on phone . . . . .  you genuinely don’t know anything papa
Peter- I don’t understand what you’re saying  . .
Rahul- I don’t know, I don’t know anything, I am not saying anything papa. Do I? I am asking you . . .
Peter- of course, I have told you the story of a person speaking to him. . . .
Rahul- I am asking you. You guys really don’t know anything more ? so you actually don’t know that she’s okay? But before you said to me that- I’ve spoken to people and I can quite . . .sort of with some certainty say this video is fine, robin is fine and she’s also fine. But now you say , you don’t know and that’s all the information you have .
Peter- yeah
Rahul- I mean which is it?
Peter- the information which I have is what I passed on to you the other day. I understand from the information is, that Sheena is been on phone call with this person for a longtime , over an hour or whatever. .
Rahul- so wouldn’t her phone have been engaged while I tried to call her if that was the case . . come on man . .. .
Peter- I don’t know  . . . .
Rahul-  think about that , obviously. The story keeps changing and there is something she’s going on. I want to ask you something.
Peter- yes, go on , ask me  . .
Rahul- if I know later on that you guys did know about what was happening, it would really hurt me
Peter- trust me, I am not making up anything. I promise you, I am not telling you anything that I don’t know.  What I am telling you is exactly how it has been  yesterday. I have been in conversation with this guy . . .  I was there with Indrani and I was there when I spoke. I was speaker phoning as t was speaker phoning with you. I was there. I was back in Goa. It’s not a big flat. We were in the room together, talking to you, we were making phone calls.
I have known thus Charlie from Adam . . . in fact to reassure you I said exactly what happened and there is no question of you finding it later on & I dint tell you and all. . . . don’t worry about that . I am sure you’re thinking about it, but that’s not how it is . . .
Rahul- I am thinking of jumping off the building top . . . .
Peter & Indrani – don’t be stupid. . . what have you done to . . . .
Rahul- I am getting too . . .
Peter- hang up . . .hello . .
Indrani- Rahul, listen don’t do anything stupid. Please.
Rahul- I don’t know what to do, or to think or what to say . .
Indrani- people move on in life . . you don’t have to think so much . this is not the 1st time a break up has happened  . . . .
Rahul-what happened
Indrani- yeah,so anyways that’s what I am saying is friends also wont tell us as much
I am not counting on anything what her friends are saying. I don’t want to go by that. But if she get in touch with anybody in the family, anybody back home or us. so we know for sure that she is alright and then  we let go.
Indrani-that’s we have to do basically
I think we have to do it
Rahul-well, yeah sure, I mean we have to wait and see what happens
Indrani-yeah yeah yeah
Rahul-I mean it’s not something that we can’t just let go
Indrani-no no. when I am saying to let go, as if let go and tearing our   path(check)
You know kind of you know. She is fine. One of us basically just. Need to hear from her, you know-whether it is papa, whether it is me, whether it is you know Mikhail. you know somebody has to hear.
Rahul-hmm yeah right
Indrani-yeag alright. see if tomorrow she might doesn’t want to get in touch, we can’t force her that you  have to talk to Rahul.
Rahul-yeah, yeah yeah obviously obviously obviously
Indrani- yeah, she might just not want to you know..let her call
If she doesn’t contact any of us then we discuss next what we do and you know
Indrani-check all her applied forms
Rahul-all you neeed to do is-if you do hear from her, get her on the track and get her to her post graduation and you know have a really good career and good time in her life.
Theek hai
Indrani- you don’t worry about that. Listen Rahul
Indrani- you know, you know, I mean I would obviously do what is best for her but she needs to tell me honestly what’s going on. Then, I can do it .on one side she has come to chat with me for her post graduation thing that was initial contact with me and then it went on to completely different angle with some guy in Bengaluru.(check)
And she has to be honest with me. This is happening again. second time na Rahul and you know one needs to be absolutely sure. So, I am not just going to go
Peter: Sheena send me a message when she left Taj Lands End around 08:30 in evening on 24th and that message was saying that she was on the way to Royal’s China for dinner..  right and yes definitely left from Taj Lands End on way to Royal’s  China for dinner..
Now after she left from Wall of China there’s something which changed the plan between Taj Lands End and from heading towards Royal’s China which is what Sheena obviously told she was doing and the apparently she was dropped an hour later 09:30 something..
Now there is something going on I am sorry which is not right you know that as well.. You know it..
Rahul: Indrani while you called you and actually I call you back.. and I was waiting  so we didn’t pass Royal China it was shut and if you want you can go there and check that we came for dinner there at night..
Peter: They said they went through the bookings list of 24th for me and they said that there is no booking for Sheena or Indrani or Mukherjee or Bohra but they were definitely open they had other guest there.. they were not close..
Indrani: When we went into Taj that time it was close..
Peter: When we went into Taj..
Indrani: Let me tell you..
Peter: (Interrupts) Let me tell you..
Rahul: You guys speak to people from Royal China they said it was open..
Peter: No no no I know 1 second.. Hold on for a second..
Indrani: Rahul..
Rahul: Hi..
Indrani: Hi Hi.. so that nobody gets confused I will give you the sequence of events okay..
Sheena came at 06:30 to Amarson..
Rahul : ok
Indrani: She bought a saree there. I bought her a saree for her because she wanted to buy a saree..
Rahul Ok.. Ok..
Indrani: So we bought a saree there I am sure and I have a receipt you can go and ask.. she tried on 6-7 different sarees.. ok out of  that she bought 1 saree.. a brand new saree with blouse pieces everything.. then we went to jewelers shop okay..  Now post a jewelers shop you know when you cross a jewelers shop you cross.. You go to whatever Taj Lands End.. you go past Royal China.. And Sheena told me that latest and I need to be back to Amarson by 09:15 I need to be back.. ok so that point when we were back.. so at that time I said that there we have fair enough time so were hungry also and we will reach so Royal China will shut at that time. . So when we went I tried calling Royal China number it was shut also but nobody picked because obviously there was nobody there..  We went to Taj Lands End when we reach there it was tentatively about.. I don’t know it was tentatively I don’t know I am just giving all tentative information because I have not checked my watch or looked at the watch every minute or anything.. Must have been quarter to 9 or 9 probably 9:15 I am not sure but I was back home by quarter to 10 from Amarson whatever time it takes to reach home it should be not more than half n hour which is why I am assuming because I had come and I had a guest Mikhail who is just moving from outside.. ok..  who is also a dear friend of us.. Now this friend was waiting because the house of locked I am giving you a little bit of a background when to number it downstairs waited there so I went there got him.. and then you know we came up got him and we spent a night there at home..
Rahul: Ok
Indrani: So I am giving just little bit of a background.. I don’t want get into so much of details.. but this is what the background to the Royal China thing is..
Rahul: So you didn’t catch them or what as you saying..?
Indrani: Sorry?? Till the time when we went there it was already shut..  it was already 9 and she said I have  to leave..
Rahul: Okay..
Indrani: When we went past it was shut you can ask the Royal China Guy at what time they open you will get the sense of what time they open.. You can go and check with them..
Rahul: They must be opening at around 6 or something..
Indrani: Ask ask ask them na.. They u will get to know what time they open.. Why don’t you cross check before you fix.. We would have crossed at around 07:30 so why don’t you give them a call as him and get back to me..
Rahul: Indrani Indrani.. I got a message from Sheena at around 08:30 sorry 08:34 saying that she just left Taj Lands End..  and she is on her way to Royal China for dinner..  so that’s the impression what I have..
Indrani: Rahul you have received the whole bunch of messages.. You have received whole bunch of messages.. I am not denying it. I am not saying for once… but you cannot chose and speak this message I want to believe…
Rahul:  I am trying to say one by one…
Indrani: So what I want you to do Rahul, few things I want you to do…I want you to check out on Royal China, what time did they open… when we went, it must have been, I am just sensing, say Taj around 7:15 or whatever. 6:30, she met me.. let’s say 7:15… Now ask them when they are shut or open… just call them and ask them, what time do you open the shutter? If they  tell you that we open at 6’0 clock daily, then it’s a different thing. I must have imagined that previous day they must have opened it at 7:30 or 8, then you know what I am telling you is true.
Rahul: Ya, correct, correct!
Indrani: So will you call them and do that for me please?
Rahul: Ya of course, of course!
Indrani: Call them and do that and you also find out that the two women come and they will give you a full this thing. There will be receipts; they have cameras for god’s sake. They will see us there.
Rahul: Ok they do not have cameras, but you know they said they have booking information and all that kind of stuff..
Indrani: Ya exactly, you know it can’t be possible that two of us go there and nobody sees us.
Rahul: Exactly, Exactly.
Indrani: Ya, Ya so for you first do that whole, I want you to first and call and find out, I don’t know what time it opens and call me back..
Rahul: If I am to believe that Sheena was, if her message was genuine, right, if her message was genuine, and she was heading towards Royal China for dinner, then something in between 8:34 or 9:15, the plan has changed.
Indrani: Listen, if, if the restaurant was genuine, if Royal Chine was genuinely open, ok. When we went in and I am not that kind of you know just cooking this up chicken you know.. When we went in it was shut, ok. I also tried calling that number. I called my secretary for the number, I tried calling in case they pick it up or whatever, no body picked up and then we went and then you know, by about we left, we must have actually left Taj only by about 4, not even before that. SO you know if I remember correctly, I don’t know what time she sent you a message or all that. I don’t know about what messages she has been constantly on the phone. When she was talking to me, she was on the phone.. so it wasn’t like, she was not on the phone.  She was constant… It was not that she was not on the phone. She was constantly on the phone on sms and all.. So I don’t know who she was smsing, she was smsing you or she was smsing someone else, I do not know all that no. But you just check on this that what time did they open the shutters. You ask them that so then you will know that we open the shutters at 07:30 then you will know that I am speaking the truth no..
Rahul: What time did you go past royal China?
Indrani: I don’t know approximately 6.30 I dropped her then we went you know she looked around got some sarees from Amarson then we went from there we went past Royal China and we went to this Moti Mahal..
Rahul: She looked around she checked out 6 sarees..
Indrani: She bought a saree.. She bought a saree..
Rahul: She tried 5-6 sarees and she bought one..
Indrani: Yes.. Yes.. she tried 3-4 sarees..
Rahul: Ok 3-4 saree s and blouses then she bought..?
Indrani: No no blouses they comes with the sarees.. blouses they comes with the sarees..
Rahul: Acha theek hai..
Indrani: I don’t have things in a detail.. Listen Rahul.. because I have not been sitting there..
Rahul: I am just asking how long it took.. Areyy..
Indrani: I can’t have account of every single minute..
Rahul: I am just trying to say.. arey I just wanted to know how long it takes to try 3-4 sarees whatever…
Indrani: Rahul listen to me..  why don’t you do one thing.. You know.. Sheena had messaged you when we went to Taj Land End..
Rahul.. hmm hmm
Indrani: So you check know what time we were at Taj Lands End..
Rahul: So yes the message was at 08:34 she said she was on her way to..
Indrani: Yes.. so obviously we must be at Taj Lands End.. we must have been at Taj Lands End at sometime no..
Rahul: Yes you must have been there..
Indrani: Sheena sent you a message..
Rahul: Indrani there is no point of giving silly examples..  I am trying to find out..
Indrani: Rahul if you trying to tell me, Listen if you are trying to tell me Rahul, that you know I don’t know about Sheena’s disappearance. Let me tell you that.. You have to believe me what I am telling you. You have a choice of believing or not believing… I can only tell you what is true or not what you want to hear. Ok. I am giving you the exact sequence of events, whatever I don’t know whether she reached at 6:15 or 6:30. As per her message she reached at 6:15.. Ok. As per her message to me, Ok, if she has reached at 6:15, you know she tried around 3-4 sarees, you know which these guys helped them try. Don’t take more than each saree, doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to try.
Rahul: Hang on, hang on for a second.
Indrani: Supposed it takes 15 minutes ok. also has cameras and they will show you what time we came in and what time we came out. You will get to know everything… I am not you know then we went into a jeweler’s shop. After that we went to a jeweller’s shop, the jeweller’s shop will have cameras no!
Rahul: Which jeweller’s shop is this?
Indrani: You know this thing in my head… clarity in my head. You might have some more clarity and you know when we hear…. anyways, we of course we feel you know much better anyway. That’s just like you said a full sense of closure that’s it. Really, but…
Rahul: Well, I just have had enough with it. I have been thinking about this and like literally, constantly all night all day all night all day for the last… since the 24th itself. And I just can’t do it anymore. I am literally at my limits. Until someone hears from Sheena, until we get know, until the police finds Sheena if that’s the case. Until someone hears from her and I like get some hard evidence that she’s okay then I won’t get any closure.
Indrani: Anyways let’s wait then, there’s nothing much one can do. We’ll just have to see you know what happens. Till then you know I suppose we’ll just have to.. uh.. rest and keep our minds rested so…
Rahul: ‘Cause otherwise this is just going round in circles… isn’t it?
Indrani: … And you know take a call, you know, you know what… I mean… there’s nothing to take a call I suppose. But then, but anyways…
Rahul: Matlab.. we can take a call…
Indrani: Speak to papa one sec…
Peter: Hello
Rahul: Hello Hello Hi Hi
Peter: Hello
Rahul: Hello Hi
Peter: Hello
Rahul: Say agin, say agian
Peter: I’m saying she’s okay, you have nothing to worry about.
Rahul: Okay
Peter: Alright?
Rahul: Alright. Where is she? Any idea?
Peter: I have no idea. I have no idea where she is.
Rahul: What all did she say? Did she say Hi I’m Okay?
Peter: She didn’t say very much to me. Indrani said listen could please speak to Jiju and say that you are fine. She said Jiju, Hi I am fine. And you know
Rahul: Did you get in contact with one of her friends?
Peter: No I did not get in touch with one of her friends. I think she’s taking things slowly and she would do eventually.
Rahul: Was the number from a cell phone or landline?
Peter: I didn’t look, okay. I really didn’t look at the number. I haven’t checked the number and even if I had the number I wouldn’t give it to you. She asked not to give it to you.
Rahul: I’m not asking for the number. I’m just saying did you see the number, whether it is from a landline or mobile or what.
Peter: I did not see the number to be honest with you. Okay?
Rahul: Okay.
Peter: So, I just thought I’ll let you know straight off. That’s why I called you.
Rahul: Great Great. That’s great.
Peter: Alright?
Rahul: That’s pretty convenient. Isn’t it? Damn good.
Peter: We have sent a message to Mr. Mukherjea that she will send her resignation or whatever in due course. So he has been informed. We have received a message back from him, thanking us saying you know, look forward to receiving her formal communication.
Rahul: Did she call on your mobile or Indrani’s phone or the landline or what?
Peter: No she called on Indrani’s mobile, darling. Why would she call on the landline.
I was down stairs sending a text message to you. I was sitting in the car. I went downstairs as I was still completing the long text message I just sent you a little while ago. And then I came upstairs, when I came upstairs Indrani was on the terrace on the phone and said Sheena just called. Okay?
Rahul: Well I guess so. It has be true isn’t it? Anyway okay cool. cool cool.
Peter: Whether it has to be or doesn’t have to be that’s your look out. I was just saying that you should really have a shower, a wash, freshen up. You know. Go to the gym. Work out. Okay? And just..
Rahul: Okay, so she just called to say she is okay… like she didn’t get a call from anyone saying … where are you or anything like that … so she just called just now, out of the blue just to say that she is okay.
Peter: She called Indrani. As I said, by the time I walked in, Indrani was already on the phone…
Rahul: Okay
Peter: Okay? And then she spoke to …uhh.. then she said speak to jiju… and then she spoke to me.
Rahul: She spoke to you?
Peter: That’s what I’m telling you.
Rahul: Alright. Cool. Cool.
Peter: You didn’t hear what I said no?
Rahul: No. I guess not. hmmm so.. okay
Peter: Anyways I thought I’ll let you know that.
Rahul: I’m like such an idiot.. okay, Papa? I’m clearly the biggest fool. Anyway.
Peter: Why are you an idiot?
Rahul: Cause that’s how I’m feeling right now
Peter: Why? I can understand how you may feel like that but I don’t think you should keep that in your head for too long.
Rahul: So I get these messages from you, which Sheena sent to you, right?
Peter: I showed you those messages when you were sitting with me right? I told you those messages came from Sheena. When you were sitting with me at home on the terrace that morning.
Rahul: You never showed any message when we sat there in the morning
Peter: Yes I did that morning itself, cause that was the morning when I received it. I arrived in India on the 20… whatever it is … 26th morning. right?
Rahul: I don’t know.
Peter: 26th morning.
Rahul: I don’t remember you showing me any message on your phone.
Peter: Well I did read it out to you that’s for sure.
Rahul: Okay
Peter: I read it out to you and I said Rahul she also sent me a message and she said hey this is what it is… but that was right earlier on in our discussion. Okay?
Rahul: Okay. Well actually Papa… enough is enough… alright? actually if you think it out with a clear head and some logic right? This still is the same thing I have to take your word for it, right? I have to take Indrani’s word for it. You didn’t even hear her call. I mean Indrani has got Sheena’s phone number right? She phoned her. They spoke as soon as you landed in bloody Bombay and you get home to Worli. Oh, you’re downstairs and Indrani is upstairs.. Oh, there happens to be a call from Sheena and it suddenly finalises all of this, right? Just after you send me the messages. Do you think I’m a fucking idiot? Come on…
Peter: And I speak to her right?
Rahul: Come on. Indrani has her number Papa. Indrani has had her number all along. Okay? Indrani has cooked up… Papa… let me tell you what it is … right? Indrani has cooked up a plan with Sheena. Okay? Now forget Nagpur, forget this guy in whatever Delhi or Nagpur or whatever. Indrani and Sheena have come together and probably the chances are that Sheena has said that I need to do my MBA and I need funding for it. Right? And Indrani said… why… I will help you… I will help you get out of here as quick as you can so that you can do your MBA. This is the thing. We’ve just got engaged, okay? So that’s why I can’t buy all this. And it’s too convenient that as soon as you get back you’re downstairs, a phone call comes in from Indrani now you don’t know the number and you haven’t seen the number and but she is telling you this is this. She phone her right? Use you ‘dimaag’ man. Hello papa, I love you. But you are pushing my limits here man. And I’m sure I pushing yours as well but I’m sorry I cannot buy this. I’m still going to do my thing and I’m going to continue on my … whatever it is… and get some hard core factual evidence that Sheena is okay. Alright? And probably which means, me speaking to her. So until I get to that stage I am afraid this is all going to stay as it is in my mind. Alright? This is not going to wash… text messages, someone phone Indrani again and it’s not going to work man. This has been going on … I’m sorry this is not going to work like this mate…
Peter: You don’t need to shout
Rahul: I’m literally getting worked up now
Peter: You need not get agitated
Rahul: Ya ya..
Peter: I feel sorry for you… but buy the buy
Rahul: yep
Peter: I do feel sorry for you because I don’t want to see you or anybody that I’m close to to be in a situation like this
Rahul: Yeah
Peter: But other than that. I have to say to you, like I said in my text to you, that you should accept it and put this chapter to rest. That’s all. If you don’t want to do that and you want to keep.. as I said.. keep sweating over it, it’s fine. It’s your call. I mean.
Rahul: Cool cool. Theek hai. Okay.
Peter: Alright, speak to you later.
Rahul: Okay. Bye
Peter: Bye

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