New Delhi: After the Kerala government called a decision to curb the menace of stray dogs by hunting and killing every stray dog in the state, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi objected to the decision and said that the state government’s decision to kill “dangerous” stray dogs was “unlawful and unscientific”.

Stressing that the move could make other canines more hostile, Maneka inquired about where the money for sterilisation of stray dogs had been used. 

The minister for Women and Child Development said that under the state government’s decision, everyone would be given the legal precedence to kill any dog.

Maneka, an animal rights activists, censured the decision through scientific reason and said, “If you kill a dog, females will breed some. Also, dogs will come from outside.”

The minister said that the best solution was to sterilise the dogs so that they won’t bite anyone in the future.

The Kerala cabinet decision was taken after a recent attack on a woman who was mauled and lacerated to death by more than 58 stray dogs.

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