New Delhi: The Supreme Court, after issuing a notice to the Centre questioning the legality of ‘Triple Talaq’, said on Friday that a Muslim man could marry four times until the law revolving around his marriage is not changed.

“He can marry if the law allows him,” a Kolkata-based woman was told by a bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur.

The Kolkata woman had been divorced by her husband over a simple phone call from Dubai and had re-married someone else in the middle-east country. “You have challenged the constitutionality of ‘ triple talaq’, we have seen it. But until it is determined, he (husband) is entitled to have four wives. Even without talaq, he can marry again,” said the Supreme Court.

The petitioner’s husband had also taken the children with him after the divorce.

The ‘triple talaq’ has been called unconstitutional for his archaic procedure allowing the man to dominate the outcome of marriage on his own volitions. A divorce will be effectuated if the man utters the word ‘talaq’ three times to the woman.