New Delhi: Taking place in Hyderabad, two families on Saturday laid claims to a baby boy at the Koti government hospital with one couple alleging that their child was swapped by the hospital staff with a baby girl. The hospital staff will now conduct a DNA test to confirm to which family the boy belongs to.

Inspector P Shiva Shankar Rao of Sultan Bazar police station said that one member from a family, Shatru Babu, had lodged a complaint citing that his baby boy had been swapped with a girl on Tuesday at the hospital. 

The hospital staff, when asked about the complaint, said that Babu’s wife (Rajitha) had given birth to a baby girl. The birth of the child occurred a mere four minutes apart with another woman (Ramadevi) delivering her child at the hospital. The hospital staff said that confusion arose when they called Ramadevi to show the boy and the other family took the infant away from them.

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“We tried to explain to Rajitha that she delivered a girl. But she was not listening. So now, the only solution is a DNA test,” said the doctor at the government hospital.

Police officials conducting investigation on the matter, said, “FSL officials will collect blood samples of all the concerned on Saturday for the DNA test. The result will be known in a couple of days.”

Meanwhile, in the ruckus between the families, both the babies are doing fine.

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