NEW DELHI: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is seen in different avatars nowadays, ever since he has returned from his 57-day ‘sabbatical’. 

Soon after he made an ‘attacking’ speech in Parliament on Centre’s ‘land ordinance bill’, he grabbed all eye-balls. The debate over his changed attitude further intensified when he joined key social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook. (Also Read: Rahul Gandhi debuts on Twitter, ‘Office of RG’ posts his schedule. Will it really help Congress?)

While some members of his party too believed that Gandhi’s absence on social media was amongst many reasons that led to election debacle for Congress, people non-biased to any political scenario now feel that the 44-year-old leader is following Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make his presence felt on different grounds. 

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday addressed a rally in Kerala. Even though he kept his ‘act of simplicity’ intact by enjoying ‘tasty fish lunch’ at one of the fishermen’s house in the city, he did give an ethnic touch in his attire to address the South Indian city, something Modi followed religiously last year. 

Ahead of his speech in English, that was translated in local language for the masses; the Gandhi scion was spotted supporting a stole, symbolizing the tri-colour of his party in a South Indian way. Remember how PM Modi endorsed the tradition of different states in his attire during his rallies last year ahead of the national elections? 

In another move of the Congress leader that appears to be inspired by Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi was seen enjoying taking a selfie with children during his visit to Chavakkad in Kerala on Wednesday. 

Not only this, Gandhi’s selfies with his party members and followers have been posted by them often on twitter now, especially since he has joined Twitter.

Taking a selfie in India by politicians has become popular since last year when Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it soon after the elections. The trend followed throughout the year as the saffron party leader continued to enjoy selfies in all his international tours. 

Well, it should definitely result positively for Rahul Gandhi if his moves are inspired by Narendra Modi in terms of creating a brand for himself as Narendra Modi’s brand image is not only a topic of discussion at a national level, but worldwide.

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