NEW DELHI: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday addressed the NSUI workers in the capital and yet another time attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his governance.

Here are the highlights of what RaGa said:

· Discipline is a way for them to kill the individuality, this is what others (BJP) feels!

· They are trying to close the internal dialogue of India, in Congress it always goes on.

· They have gone to China, Mongolia but have not gone to farmers’ house even once.
· Black money has not come back and it’s been more than 100 days already.
· You have not come out from ‘shakha’, I perhaps would not be able to make you stand even for two minutes, you will ask me several question, but on shakha you cannot ask questions. 

· Earlier I used to think there should be discipline in such meetings, but now in 10 years I have realized that why there is no order on this party, it took me 10 years to realize that there is no order because we hear to everyone.

· These ‘shakha walas’ don’t understand that this is what the entire country wants.

· You see RSS shakha, there is a straight queue, and if anyone will speak anything, they will be punished. 

· PM Modi took economy classes from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

· There is no democracy in NDA government

· PM Modi’s ‘Make In India’ schema is a sham.

· Government favoring corporate in ‘Make In India’.

· Congress will fight RSS ideology. RSS is controlling our country’s education system

· There is ‘One Man’ show in Modi Government and PM has no time for farmers.

· Support from cadre is overwhelming. We have true democracy in Congress Party

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