New Srinagar: Pellet guns in Jammu and Kashmir will not be banned completely but will be used in the rarest of rare cases, a top govt official said on Monday.

The expert panel set up by the Home Ministry is believed to have favoured ‘PAVA shells’.

Facing criticism for using pellet guns in Kashmir, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that an alternative to pellet guns will be given to security forces in the coming days.

“In the coming few days, we will give an alternative to the pellet guns. These guns were earlier considered non-lethal but some incidents have taken place… We formed an expert committee a month ago which was expected to give report in two months but it will be coming very soon,” he had said.

The BJP-PDL govt has been facing severe criticism for using pellet guns in Kashmir Valley for crowd control. The weapon has caused damage on a large scale and thousands have lost their vision because of the pellet injuries.

The pellet gun has been in use in the Valley since 2010 uprising. They penetrate the skin, especially soft tissues and eyes.