New Delhi: Who would have thought loving someone unconditionally could turn your life into an inferno? In a spine chilling incident reported from Nagpur, the love story of Dolly Berry was turned into a nightmare.

Dolly Berry, who recently got married to the man she loved, took the extreme step of trying to take her life after mental and physical torture by her husband and his family.

As per Dolly’s allegations, just after 15 days of her marriage, her husband Nitin Mirchandani started torturing her for money. Nitin started coming home in inebriated state and also abused her.

Dolly also came to know Nitin had an affair with a girl from Delhi. He had earlier divorced two other women and alleged reason behind this was money. While marrying Dolly, Nitin even asked for a dowry of Rs 10 lakh from Dolly’s family.

On July 21, it was Dolly’s birthday. She moved back to her parent’s house and shared her ordeal with her family.

As per a post by an activist, Kundan Srivastava, on Facebook, Dolly Berry was in great depression the next morning. When her elder sister Deepika Berry went looking for her, the depressed woman was found hanging in the bathroom. Dolly was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The Facebook post further said that Dolly has gone into a coma.

Dolly’s family has registered an FIR against Nitin and his family. As per the victim’s family, cops are reluctant in catching Nitin. According to them, he is in a deal with the police as he had some same cases in the past but was let off easily with no case being registered.

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