Sanosara: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday saved lives of cameramen and photographers reporting an inauguration of SAUNI water project in Gujarat when he quickly asked the crew to move away from a strong flow of water.
Present at the inauguration, deputy chief minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel said that the Prime Minister was just looking at the flow of the water at the Aji-3 dam site after pushing a button to start the release from the dam.
“He suddenly noticed that several cameramen and photographers were standing on the downstream side. The strong flow of water released a little while ago was racing towards them and could have washed them away,” Patel said.
The camera crew, which was busy covering the event, wasn’t aware that a stream of water was quickly approaching them. PM Modi by clapping and with other actions indicated and alerted the crew to move from the place.
“If the PM had not alerted them, a big mishap could have happened,” Patel said.
However, a Doordarshan (DD) camera which was not moved from the spot was washed away.
Watch: PM Modi alerts DD cameramen to move from a precarious spot as water was released at Aji Dam, Gujarat.
Under the SAUNI project, there are nearly 10 dams and reservoirs of Rajkot, Jamnagar and Morbi, that would be filled up with the water of Narmada River. The project, worth 12,000 crore rupees, is considered to be an ambitious one from Prime Minister Modi. Nearly 115 dams of the Saurashtra region, which faces shortage of water for irrigation and drinking purposes, will be filled up. 
(With inputs from IANS)