Mumbai: The Maharashtra government on Wednesday decided not to grant parole to rapists and murderers in the state. The government went ahead to state that even convicts of serious offences like child trafficking would be denied parole.
This decision was taken by the Maharashtra High Court after a man serving life term for rape and murder of lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha went missing earlier this year. 
The accused Sajjad Mughal who was serving a life term for the 2012 murder case in Nashik jail, went missing after he was let on a parole to visit his sick mother in Kashmir.
An enquiry was launched to find out why he was granted parole. Despite efforts made by the Maharashtra Police, Mughal is yet to be traced.
Pallavi Purkasyatha, a young 25-year-old lawyer was brutally assaulted and murdered in August in her flat by the watchman of her apartment. The watchman Mughal broke into her house using a duplicate key and tried to rape her. When Pallavi fought back she was stabbed by the watchman who then slit her throat.
Her fiance Avik Sengupta who found her lying in a pool of blood later died of brain disorder.