New Delhi: The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday scrapped the batch of petitions challenging the acquisition of land in Bengal’s Singur for Tata Motors for its ambitious Nano small car project.
The bench of Justice V Gopala Gowda and Justice Arun Mishra pronounced their judgment and the SC directed the Bengal government to distribute the disputed property among the land owners within a time period of 12 weeks. 
In its verdict the apex court also stated that the farmers who received money from the government in the form of compensation need not return it back as they were deprived of their livelihood for the past 10 years.
This is a batch of petitions which were filed way back in 2008 by a number of people aggrieved by the acquisition of land by the then Left Front government.
The land acquisition was also challenged the Association for the Protection of Democratic Rights which had contended that acquisition of the Singur land for public purpose and then handing it over to Tata Motors for its Nano project was illegal and in breach of land acquisition law.
The Association had told the court that there was a separate procedure under the land acquisition law for acquiring land for a project of a private company, and that the land acquired by the government for public purposes could be given to a private company only for constructing dwelling units of the workers employed with it and no other purpose.

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