New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday held a press conference and clarified on the roles and responsibilities of the AAP-led government and at the same time hit out at Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) Najeeb Jung.  
Addressing the press conference, AAP convenor Dillip Pandey said, “Today several newspapers have shown some data and figures, and those figures are unquestionable. But the figures basically reinstate the same thing we have been saying that for Delhi to keep its future safe have chosen us but we cannot control the Delhi police. There’s a trust deficit between people and the police.”
“DCW has been again and again requesting that some kind of committee be made to continuously deliberate on how to reduce crime in Delhi especially against women and children. NCRP data has reestablished our fears that Delhi is becoming a capital for crime.”
“There has been increase in crime in the last one year. Sexual offences are on the rise. These figures of rise in crime paint a very scary picture. That with three MLAs, BJP in Delhi wants to take over Delhi but when it comes to crime they do nothing.”
Hitting out at LG Jung, Dilip said, “After HC judgement, LG has made himself the boss of Delhi, but can he answer now? What is he doing about this? Will he meet MHA? Will he control crime in Delhi?”
“We want to ask them that in the last two years, Delhi has become the crime capital of India. We put the responsibility for this on the PM. Does he take this responsibility or does he blame HM Rajnath Singh or LG?”
“Prime Minister Modi during the election campaigns had spoken about women security. Delhi police is Modi police … Has the LG or MHA done a check of all the police ‘thanas’ in Delhi?” 
Calrifying on responsibiliteis of the AAP-led government in Delhi, Dilip Pandey said, “This is a situation of law and order and that comes directly under the Centre. They are answerable. This is the need of the hour that the law and order situation in Delhi improves. That’s what every woman, child and citizens of Delhi wants.” 
“All voters today are thinking, has our vote gone waste. Now regarding Shiela Dikshit, yes we used to corner her and you corner us which is good. Whatever is under us we are doing. Dark spots will be taken care of. The work has started and we have put marshals in buses as well. But law and order isn’t under us. We can’t do anything.” 
“What the Delhi government can do, even I don’t know.”                         
On the issue of water logging in the capital, the AAP minister said, “There are two sides to this. I’m not relieving Delhi government of responsibility. Firstly, sitting on top of all authorities in Delhi is LG. So isn’t it that legally all these answers should be sought from the LG. There was a downpour and Delhiites suffered. But I think you should ask LG.” 
“The second answer to this is, Delhi has chosen us and yes we have a responsibility towards them. Within our working machinery we have been working. Nearly 300 water pumps had been put and 500 vans had been put about a month back … This figure has doubled now. They’re all tirelessly working to stop the waterlogging.” 
“We will ensure that the issue is solved ASAP and it’s already been taken care of in lot of areas. It will be incorrect to expect us to overnight stop this from happening. We’re looking at a long term solution.”         
“When Delhi PWD realised MCD isn’t doing anything about open drains they took over. So we are doing our best despite the conspiracy by BJP led MCD.”