New Delhi: If reports are to be believed, the Delhi government plans to turn green the most polluted city on Earth — Delhi. The AAP may soon be following the footsteps of the green initiative ‘Via Verde’ that was started by Mexico City in Mexico recently.

According to a recent post shared by the Delhi government on their social media platform, the government is working to make Delhi more ‘greener’ that ever. The post stated that AAP will work hard to accomplish their initiative to make Delhi a less polluted city by making it greener and clearer from pollution.

The state government is planning to cover pillars of flyovers and metros with plants (vertical garden) to make Delhi an environment friendly city. This idea comes from ‘Mexico City’ where the city administration decided to cover flyover pillars with vertical gardens.

Mexico City took urban ecology to new heights with their green initiative “Via Verde” commonly known as green way. This project was started to convert all the city pillars supporting flyovers and elevated roads into vertical gardens.

The project is aimed at providing the city with an extra thousand metres of greenery to hopefully ‘lift’ the air quality and the mood of the city’s million residents.

Following the success of Mexico City, now the AAP party in Delhi is planning to go ahead with the same in its efforts to reduce pollution as well as to improve the city’s landscape.

But, the aam adami (common people) after seeing the current condition of the drainage system in the capital city Delhi hopes that the idea does not get ‘flushed out’.