New Delhi: It is rightly said that you need brain for cheating as well. It is not a kid’s game to just go out and steal. One needs brain, proper planning and strategy in order to successfully execute a robbery plan. In what can be termed as a funny incident and a foolish act by a group of robbers trying to steal an ATM machine from a State Bank of India (SBI) building, the group instead ended up stealing the bank’s passbook machine. 
As per reports, four thieves entered Binovanagar SBI building in Guwahati with the intention of stealing the ATM machine, but stole bank’s passbook machine, failing to understand the difference between the machines. 
Sahab Ali and Saiful Rahman of Hajo, Mainul Haque of Nalbari and Saddam Hussain of Satgaon in Guwahati, were trying to flee with the passbook machine when they were caught by the police team, who were on their usual patrolling routine. 
Just to inform you, a passbook machine prints your transactions made onto your passbook.