New Delhi: Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is used to receiving distressing calls from Indian nationals outside of the country. But some of the times, the entreaties are so bizarre that the minister cannot help but confess that she’s helpless to assist them in solving their conundrum.

One such bizarre request came Sushma’s way when an Indian woman wrote on Twitter that she was being cheated on by her husband and that she wanted the External Affairs Minister of India to intervene in the matter.

The woman named Sujatha wrote on Twitter that she was being cheated upon by her husband and had been dumped for a Thai woman.

“When I was returning to Kuwait after my mom’s funeral, my husband sends a selfie of a woman hugging him closely to my son,” tweeted the woman.

“Then he tells my son that he’s gonna dump me for her. I returned to kwt, . Saw the erotic chats n porn videos in his fone (Phone) with her,” the woman tweeted this later.

Not suffice then with the constant tweeting, the woman also shared the number of the Thai woman and asked the minister to locate the woman.

Contrary to all expectations, Sushma Swaraj took cognizance of the woman’s unpleasant scenario, but tweeted out this apt response, “Sujatha – All my sympathies are with you. Unfortunately, I have no power to punish or reform such errant husbands.”



Earlier, a man had tweeted out seeking help for a replacement of a new Samsung refrigerator. But the minister said that she was more busy helping human beings in distress.

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