New Delhi: A HIV positive pregnant woman lost her baby after she was denied treatment at the Badaun District Hospital in Uttar Pradesh. The denial by the hospital forced her to undertake a 50-kilometre journey to Bareilly where she delivered a stillborn.
The lady was rushed to the hospital on Sunday afternoon after she complained of severe labour pangs, but the hospital staff denied her treatment after learning that she was HIV positive.
As per doctors the baby could have been saved provided the lady was brought to the hospital on time. 
As per reports, the lady and her husband have physical disabilities and got married a year and half back. The couple earlier settled down in Delhi in search of better opportunities but soon they were forced to return to Badaun as the lady started falling ill frequently. 
Teary eyed the husband said, “Doctors in Delhi informed us that Reena was infected with HIV. We could not afford medical expenses in the capital city and returned to Badaun.”