A video of controversial Hindu extremist figure Yati Narsinghanand has emerged on social media where he is seen inciting Hindus to take up arms against Muslims as a pre-emptive measure in the event of a Muslim becoming the Prime Minister of India. The video is reportedly from an event organized by Preet Singh, founder of the Save India Foundation. In the video, Narsinghanand is seen saying that 50% Hindus will convert if India ever gets a Muslim Prime Minister. He further said that 40% of Hindus will be killed in such an event. And the remaining 10% Hindu population will be forced to leave India as refugees, said Narsinghanand.

According to the video clip of the event on social media, Yati Narsinghanand said, “Only in 2029 or in 2034 or in 2039 a Muslim will become the prime minister. Once a Muslim will become the PM, 50 per cent Hindus will convert, 40 per cent will be killed and the remaining 10 per cent will either live in refugee camps or in other countries in the next 20 years,”

The notorious Dasna Devi Temple head priest also attempted to induce hysteria by his speech by projecting the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. He stated, “I urge you all to watch The Kashmir Files. Just like Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee from a Muslim dominated area, all the Hindus will be forced to die in Hind Mahasagar given the situation in the country as on date.”

Narsinghanand is also one of the accused in a hate speech case where provocative comments were made against the Muslim community in an Haridwar event.

Yati Narsinghanand made national headlines after a video of his disciple assaulting a Muslim boy in the temple premises went viral earlier this year.