Amethi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s convoy was stopped while he was en route Lucknow from Amethi on the final day of his three-day visit to Amethi. The leader was stopped by a group of aanganwadi workers near Gauriganj who demanded a pay hike. 
This comes a day after the news of a major trade union protest countrywide against the anti-people policies of the government. Reportedly, over 18 crore people are part of the protest.
As per the reports by a news channel, Rahul Gandhi did get down his car to meet the protesters. However, he returned to his car as soon as the media approached him, refusing to talk to either the media personnel or the protesters. This further heated up the protest. Reportedly, the Congress VP’s security personnel, in the process of making way for Rahul Gandhi misbehaved with women forcing them to spit on the road as a sign of protest. 
It is also reported that the protesters wanted to meet their MP, Rahul Gandhi who has often been criticized for visiting his constituency less by opposition parties. Due to this, Rahul Gandhi has also increased his number of trips to his constituency this year.