NEW DELHI: As the Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu on Friday announced the Rail Budget, he amused the parliamentarians during his peppered with humor speech by punning on his name.

“Our priority is to improve the capacity in the high density section. But I thought, hey Prabhu (oh god), how will it happen,” said the Railway Minister attracting huge laughs in the Lok Sabha.

The charted-accountant turned politician then added, “Prabhu (God) did not answer, so this Prabhu (himself) thought, why we cannot do something?”

Famous for his love for poetry, Suresh Prabhu also used a long Hindi phrase to enlighten the plan for his Rail Budget. “Kuch naya jodna hoga, kuch purana todna hoga, kuch engine badalne honge, kuch repair karne honge (have to add something new, break something old, change some engines and tune some engines),” he said.

Suresh Prabhu while announcing his first Rail Budget said that there would be no hike in the passenger fares and therailways will transform in next five years. 

Adding more humour to his speech, the minister said, stairs for the upper berth would be improved and the middle berth would be reserved for women and old people ‘like me’.

He then added that a high speed corridor between Delhi and Kolkata will be worked upon so that ‘my friends fromWest Bengal can travel faster’. The comment broke not only people from Bengal into laughter but all members present at the venue.