Bengaluru: Parle-G is not just a biscuit for ‘chai lovers,’ it can also be somebody’s entire diet. Yes, you heard it right. In recent news, an 18-year-old girl has been surviving all her life only on Parle-G.
Ramawwa, residing in a small village in Karnataka’s Gokak taluka, eats six to seven packets of Parle-G daily. As reported, Ramawwa’s mother did not breastfeed her or her twin brothers and instead fed them Parle-G soaked in milk. Ramawwa’s brother, however, started eating other available food items but Ramawwa did not eat anything else other than the glucose biscuits – a habit which exists even today. 
Ramawwa said that she does not know what will happen to her if Parle-G stops manufacturing her only source of food as she does not “feel like eating anything else.” 
After the unique revelation, state’s Lake View Hospital tried making Ramawwa eat other delicacies, but all in vain. As per doctors, there is nothing wrong with her, but only her physical appearance which is that of a 12-13 year old due to lack of nutrients in her body. 
Doctors have also said that proper counselling leading to change in her psychology might lead her to develop other food habits in the future.