New Delhi: In a strange turn of events the MLA of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) from Kalwa, Mumbai constituency, Jitendra Mwhad faced huge condemnation after his video of urging a teenage girl to thrash up a teenage boy, an alleged stalker went viral on the social networking sites.

In the video that was taken up by the national news channels and was also shared in huge numbers on social networking sites and WhatsApp, the MLA can be seen encouraging the girl to thrash the boy who was reportedly stalking her for the past few weeks.

After the girl complained to the MLA of the indecent behaviour by the alleged stalker, Mwhad, called the girl and the boy in his office located in Thane, on the outskirts of Mumbai, where the stalker was beaten black and blue by the girl and the MLA.

When the MLA was questioned of his behaviour, he reacted saying, “I do not regret my actions”.  He defended himself saying that the girl had been depressed because of the boy.

The NCP MLA was reportedly approached by the girl as a last resort to seek respite from the constant harassment, following which he summoned the girl and the harasser to his Thane office where he supervised the assault, claiming that he felt that the boy should have been ‘taught a lesson’.

Later, a case was registered against the boy, but the MLA remained tight-lipped when the authorities questioned his lawless behaviour.

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