New Delhi: The saga of hurting animals for pleasure just doesn’t seem to come to an end. 
In a recent video that has been catching eyeballs all over the social networking site is of a young boy who is seen spinning the dog mercilessly by holding the dog’s legs.
The accused, in the clip, is seen spinning the dog brutally holding his legs and revolving him in the air several times, ignoring the cries of the dog.
Not only the boy, but the crowd witnessing the gruesome incident did not seemed bothered either as they stood tight-lipped instead of helping the dog. After torturing the poor animal, the accused threw him away with a laughing face.
NGOs and the other concerned authorities have taken up the matter, and an investigation is underway to punish the accused for the immoral behaviour.
Earlier in July, a similar video of two medical students throwing a dog from their terrace had surfaced on the social networking site in respect to which both the accused were slapped with a compensation of 2 lakhs each after the Madras High Court directed Dr MGR Medical University (where the two studied) to decide on the amount to be paid by each student. 

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