New Delhi: Many people were feared injured on Friday as a stampede broke out during a naval recruitment rally held at INS Hamla in Mumbai’s Malad.

Reports said that around 6,000 candidates showed up at the drive instead of the expected 4,000 for Senior Secondary Recruits. The large crowd tried to rush through the gate all at once and led to a chaos.

An aspiring candidate said 50% was the cut off but when they saw the crowd, they made it 60%. He also claimed that the police baton charged the gathering students.

“We came here from far places and now we are not being given chance. Some of the students even slept here for recruitment. Now they are not being allowed to sit for exam,” he claimed.

The Indian Navy in a statement said that it was “expecting a good response from volunteers.”

The response was overwhelming and crowd control created a bit of confusion which was subsequently handled efficiently by the local police and Navy officials, the statement said.