New Delhi: It’s the fate of the poor in India that even after so many sufferings and lack of availability of essentials, they are still oppressed in the society. 
In a saddening story from National Capital Region (NCR), Gopal Kumar, a washerman by profession, has been facing utter difficulty due to his LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) policy amount not being credited into his account.
The man had taken an LIC policy eleven years back and this year it had to mature. After the policy matured, Gopal completed all the formalities in order to get the accumulated amount of money. But unfortunately, when Gopal went to LIC office and enquired about his due from the branch manager, he was informed that the amount had been mistakenly transferred to some other person’s account.  
As per Gopal’s response, if he does not get the amount quickly, then he is going to face heavy financial crunch. 
We came to know about this sad news from a Facebook post posted by a person named Hemraj Kapasia. Here’s what he posted: 

Apathy is what we can call this situation, where the urgent requirement of a needy is left unaddressed and neglected. 
LIC should take immediate action in the case and should ensure that Gopal gets his due at the earliest. 

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