Hyderabad: In shocking news from Hyderabad’s Shamshabad area, a 3-year-old girl was locked in a car while her parents went to a nearby restaurant to have breakfast. 
On seeing the little girl crying and panicked, the passers-by rushed to her rescue. The constable present there, Venkatesh told that due to the central lock of the car, they could not open the door.
Constable Venkatesh also told that the parents had left the car keys with the girl while leaving. They had gone to a nearby hotel for breakfast. The girl started playing with the keys and accidentally locked the car by pressing a button on the key. 
After coming to know about the trouble, the girl’s parents rushed to their car but failed to open the car door. However, constable Venkatesh and home guard managed to open a window of the car forcibly. 
The parents, smelling the trouble, immediately got into the vehicle and drove towards Bengaluru. 
So far, no case has been registered regarding the incident.