New Delhi: Manual scavenging in India has been prohibited by the government, but a 32-year-old man named Neeraj Kumar is surviving solely on the fact that he has a job under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, even though it is in stark contrast with his educational qualification.

Kumar is a father of two and had once dreamt about joining the Army. Kumar is a post-graduate in political science, a position which does not compliment the fact that he works as a temporary employee for the MCD despite working for more than 12 years.

The Daily Mail quoted Kumar as saying, “I joined as a beldar (field worker) for MCD after finishing Class XII. I thought eventually I would progress and be promoted to a senior level. However, seeing my interest in studies, my seniors encouraged me to continue with my education. Along with my work, I completed my graduation and post-graduation. While I miss my dream, I have come too far to have any regrets.”

The once ambitious Neeraj Kumar leaves his house around 6am in the morning and reaches home around 9 at night.

Manual scavenging, although banned, is widely practiced in India as studies conducted by social services groups and NGOs reveal.