New Delhi: Almost two-weeks after two women were brutally gang raped in Mewat, Harnayana, one of the victims has come out and made a shocking revelation, alleging that the attackers told her that they were being punished for eating beef.
The incident occurred on August 24, when a 20-year-old woman and her 14-year-old cousin were sexually assaulted by several men, who trespassed into their home. The victims’ uncle and aunt who were also residing with them were tied up and beaten to death by the molesters. 
One of the victims, in the presence of activist, Shabnam Hashmi, said, “They asked if we eat beef. We said we don’t, but they insisted we do and that was why we were being punished”. “We told this to the police but they are not doing anything”. 
The family of the victims alleged that they had informed the police about the cow vigilantes who chose to ignore it.
Meanwhile, the police said that the investigation in the case is still on and so far no cow vigilante angle has surfaced.
Following the complaint filed by the victim, the Haryana police had nabbed four men in their 30s from the village and initially booked them for rape and trespassing. However, the murder charges were added only when the agitated locals started protesting.
Further disclosing the matter the cousin of both victims said, “The arrested men are habitual criminals”. The main motive seems to have been rape” he added.”
Over the past few months, the nation has registered many incidents of cow vigilante groups attacking suspected cattle smugglers or commoners on the suspicion of using or eating beef.

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