New Delhi: Delhi police on Sunday arrested Gaurav Sethi, a fledgling Punjabi film producer, along with his two brothers for cheating and fraud case, all of whom had a ‘wanted’ bounty of Rs 25,000 on their heads.

A Punjabi film producer, Gaurav Sethi has produced two Punjabi films, one in 2008 and one in 2011. Sethi was arrested by police in Lodhi Colony in 2014 for fraud case, but the producer fled from the police custody while he was being taken to the Tihar jail.

Gaurav’s brush with authorities started way back in 2003 when he had already worked with Standard Chartered Bank in Verification Department and started a firm in Rohini called ‘GS Builders’. Through the firm, Gaurav indulged in illegal activities which included forging documents and taking loans on bogus properties from different commercial banks.

Gaurav Sethi is known for producing the Punjabi film ‘Watno-Dur’ which was shot in Mauritius and starred celebrities like Gurusewak Mann, Deep Dhillon, Upasana Singh and Raza Murad. In 2011 also, he produced a film which was called ‘Baba Bulleshah’ but was not released due to some problems.

The film producer was arrested by Lodhi Colony Police station, but he escaped their clutches when he said that he was going to get food. His two brothers who were there to ask his signature for the Vakalatnama assisted him in escaping the police.

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