New Delhi: Mohammad Shahabuddin was arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Rajiv Roushan, who was the key witness in the murder of Girish Roushan and Satish Roushan, his own brothers. Now, the destitute parents of the three brothers, Chanda Babu and Kalavati Devi, are gripped with fear that Shahabuddin might come after them.

Babu lives with his wife Devi and a disabled son in a room in Siwan town where Shahabuddin was received uproariously by the villagers. But the family who has gone through a hellish turn of events in their life does not even have a speck of a reason to celebrate Shahabuddin’s release.



“My sons Girish and Satish were kidnapped in 2004 by Shahabuddin’s men and killed by pouring acid at Pratappur. Rajiv, the elder son, was kidnapped but he escaped. When he returned to Siwan in 2014, he too was murdered,” Chanda Babu, who saw his son murdered in front of his own eyes, said.

Broken by age and the unprecedented cruelty meted to his family, Babu says that he has nothing to fear since he has lost everything. Chanda Babu suffers from a broken hand and a leg.

The couple lives in a neighborhood which is 5 kms away from Pratappur, the village of Mohammad Shahabuddin. Babu and Devi will continue to fight for justice for their sons.