New Delhi: The Southwest monsoon registered a lower-than-expected rainfall this year, which would imminently mean that the Cauvery crisis cycle would continue to haunt the farmers in Tamil Nadu. Taking cognizance of the dire condition of the farmers, the Supreme Court had ordered the Karnataka government to release 15,000 million cubic feet of water to Tamil Nadu in 10 days, a quantity which has been deemed as inadequate.

However, on Monday, the Supreme Court further reduced the order of release of water to 12,000 million cubic feet, 3,000 ft less than what was expected from Karnataka.

Tamil Nadu farmers who are facing a crisis without the release of Cauvery water are threatening to commit suicide if the water is not released on time. Farmers in the state of Tamil Nadu have already lost the Kuruvai crop this year, and if the crisis continues, they will also lose the Samba crop.

The gravity of the situation can be explained by what agriculturist, OP Sivanantham, said, “We used to have three crops in a year. Now even one crop has become uncertain.”

Also, on Monday, protests ranged through the streets of Chennai due to the Cauvery dispute. Unidentified men in Chennai hurled six crude bombs at New Woodlands Hotel. The hotel is owned by Kannadigas, a term which refers to the people of Karnataka.