New Delhi: The Indian Railways continued to set an example against the corrupt when the ministry suspended a TTE taking bribes from passengers in return for seats and not providing receipts. The TTE was suspended after a passenger tweeted of the corrupt practice.
Indian Railways and Union Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu have been known to respond swiftly to tweets by passengers.
Govind Narayan, a commuter, who was heading towards Bikaner in coach number S6 of Barmer Kalka Express on Saturday, observed that the TTE, Shyampal, was not giving receipts to the passengers and nobody was asking for one. The TTE was collecting Rs. 15 from all passengers in return for allotting seats to them.
Later, when Govind asked him for the receipt, Shyampal, TTE simply kept procrastinating saying, that they are travelling to Bikaner together and that he will give the receipt on the way. Following the complete ignorance, Govind tweeted:

He marked the Twitter handles of Ministry of Railways, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Jodhpur.
Just a few minutes after sending out the tweet he received a reply from the Ministry of Railways informing him that his complaint has been forwarded to the DRM’s office. That was it. In a matter of a few minutes, the DRM spoke with Govind and Vigilance Officer Mukesh Gehlot boarded the train at Jodhpur station.

His team spoke with the TTE, checked his record books, and a report of the investigation was forwarded to the DRM who then tweeted orders to suspend Shyampal.