New Delhi: Bollywood has always had a great impact on the impressions of the youth of the nation. The 2012 released, romedy, Vicky Donor, seems to be the latest Bollywood drama which has impacted the youth of Bhopal.
In order to make some quick bucks the city’s boys have resorted to donating sperm, just like ‘Vicky’ from the movie ‘Vicky Donor’. Sources revealed that doctors are now getting around 5-7 calls every day with related enquiries.
As reported in Hindustan Times, “You can get paid Rs 2,000 or more every time you donate your sperm. But you can also get paid less – Rs 1,000 or Rs 500, depending on the city you live in,” said an infertility specialist expert. Most city doctors refer callers seeking to donate sperm to clinics in Mumbai and Delhi, since there is currently no sperm bank in Madhya Pradesh.
“The movie Vicky Donor started this trend and college-goers see easy and lucrative pocket money in the process. In metropolitan cities, single mothers and infertile couples seek sperm donors, but since MP is a conservative state, we only get requests from infertile couples,” infertility specialist and gynaecologist Dr Romika Kapoor.
“90% of donors are college kids. Till about five years back, people preferred only donors from within their family, but not now. It’s no more a hush-hush topic and people talk openly about it,” Dr Kapoor added.
Dr Randhir Singh, Embryologist and child specialist says, “I get over 2000 such calls and emails in a year. I tell them where to donate in Mumbai and Delhi clinics. I usually counsel college kids to not go through with this, though a donor can be anyone with a good sperm count and between the ages of 21 and 45.”
Dr Singh further added, “All good clinics prefer a married man with a healthy 3-year-old or older child as this ensures good fertility of the donor and reduces the probability of abnormalities in any infant who may be produced with the sperm.”

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