New Delhi: The Cauvery crisis has brought both the state of Karnataka and Bangalore to virtual standstill as protesters rampaged all across the city resorting to arson and daylight looting. One individual was killed and two others were injured when police opened fire at agitators at Hegganahalli near Bengaluru.

Section 144 has been imposed till September 14 to curb the violence situation in the state. 

The disconcerting development is that in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, people have resorted to attacking properties which belong to Kannadigas or setting fire to vehicles with Tamil Nadu nameplates.



“Two were brought with bullet injuries. One with bullet injury near the heart has died. The other is being operated for injury on the right thigh,” said a doctor in Bengaluru.



On Tuesday, Bangalore police deployed an additional 15,000 police men and officers all over the city to control the menace being spread by agitated protesters. Around 270 Hoysala vehicles have also been deployed.

The Cauvery water dispute is rooted in the sole concern for farmers of Tamil Nadu who are left without resources to grow Samba crops. Short rainfall this monsoon season has exacerbated the situation.

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