New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with NewsX, Nepal Foreign Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat made a few startling revelations and made it clear how India Nepal ties are very important. Nepal shares border with both China and India, however, the Foreign Minister made it clear that there is no such balancing act and the set of cooperation between India-Nepal is very different than that between Nepal-China.

Nepal has been recently in news regarding the Chinese President’s visit to the country. There were speculations that the visit might be cancelled but Prakash Sharan made it very clear that the dates for the visit have not been decided yet, so there is no question of the trip being scrapped.

The visit will completely depend on the availability of date of the Chinese President. Prakash Sharan also added that they were looking forward to the visit of Indian President Pranab Mukjherjee to Nepal.

Nepal Foreign minister also made it very clear that they will not let their land to be used against India, “We will make sure that there is trust and you will see results on the ground.”

Prakash Sharan also said that they will not turn a blind eye nor ignore the situation. There will be closer cooperation between India and Nepal so that no untoward incident takes place. He also revealed that in his discussion with the Indian officials and ministers, he has made it clear that Nepal is going through trade deficits and as it shares borders with India, they want Indian markets to be open for Nepal and the agricultural produce should be easily brought and sold.

He also made it clear that all the work would be carried out through democratic channels.

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