New Delhi: The CPI-M on Tuesday expressed “shock and dismay” over the violence over the Cauvery river in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and said the row must be resolved through negotiations.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist urged the governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to ensure the protection of people’s lives and properties.

“The dispute over sharing of the Cauvery river waters is a long-standing dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu,” it said in a statement.

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“Such disputes can only be resolved through negotiations and a mutual agreement on how these waters are to be shared.

“Such disputes cannot be resolved by whipping up passions amongst the people of both the states and pitting them against each other.”

The Supreme Court has ordered the release of 15,000 cubic ft/sec of water for 10 days to Tamil Nadu on daily basis. In spite of reservations, the Karnataka government has released the water.

The CPI-M urged all concerned, the Central government and the state governments, to ensure that the water sharing disputes be resolved through negotiations and mutual agreement.