New Delhi: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari meant it as a casual quip when he said that the phrase “Acche din” (good days) originally came from former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But when the video was circulated on social media, people started questioning the actual intention behind this casual observation.

At an event organised by the newspaper Lokmat Times on Tuesday, Gadkari blithely said, “It is a bone stuck in our throat. Our country is such an ocean of dissatisfied souls that Acche Din never come…media should not misinterpret me…Those who have cycles want scooters, and those who have scooters want cars. It is not wrong, but the wealthy are dissatisfied too.”

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“When Manmohan Singh was PM, he used it, and now it is stuck to us so much that everyone shouts ‘when will there be acche din,” the minister said.

However, Gadkari acknowledged that ‘Acche din’ was a widely accepted phrase attached to the in-power BJP government in the center. “Still, I believe that Acche Din means people have good expectations,” said Gadkari.

Many on social media sites expressed that Gadkari’s confession meant that there was no more ‘acche din’ for the common people.

Gadkari’s comment comes in the backdrop of India’s most celebrated comedian Kapil Sharma taking to Twitter to question Modi’s ‘acche din’.

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