New Delhi: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday blithely told a gathering that compulsive drinkers should drink juice in the dark and imagine it as liquor.

The Bihar Chief Minister who has completely banned alcohol in the state, said, “Turn off the lights and drink juice, you will feel it’s the same. Why ruin life for a peg or two.” The CM was addressing over 1,500 rural health workers from all over the state.

Nitish also assured that no innocent person will be persecuted by the law for violating the liquor ban. He also said that former Armymen in the state will not be exempted from the ban.

“My condition is just like that of a tongue between 32 teeth. People are trying to corner me, but let me tell you that implementing liquor ban in the state has given me the most satisfying feeling ever in my life. I have spent decades in public life and has served as Union minister and chief minister, but never got such a satisfaction as I got after announcing complete liquor ban in the state,” Nitish said.