Jaipur: In an unfortunate incident in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district, an army jawan’s cremation ceremony was stopped midway because of the shortage of firewood.

Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary, Gunner Operator, had died at a military hospital in Srinagar on September 10 and his body was brought back to his ancestral village in Sirohi for the cremation ceremony.

“The Gunner Operator Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary died in the military hospital of Srinagar on September 10. The body was brought to New Delhi by an aircraft and from there it was brought to Sirohi by road. A unit also came from Mount Abu,” District Soldier Welfare officer D S Bhati said.

As the funeral pyre was lit, the process had to be stopped for sometime because there wasn’t enough sandalwood to cremate the body.

The reports said that the family members had to scramble for additional pieces to place on the pyre.

The unburnt body parts were pulled out of the extinguished pyre and burnt separately.

State’s Minister Otaram Devasi, who was also present at the funeral, said, “I did not see this till I was present there and I am not aware of what happened after I left.”